Sunday, 15 June 2014

Thoughtful Day

Today is definitely an orange day - I choose what to wear by what colour feels 'right' each day - do you? well I hope you do, otherwise it means I'm odd one out.
I have been waiting impatiently for my nasturtiums to flower, decided to paint some as I can't wait that long.


I selected my mug to suit my mood

I don't want to put my paint pallet away, I like looking at it's colours.
orange is thought to be a spiritual colour and I have had some spiritual thoughts today....

Colour is like food for the spirit
Isaac Misrahi, Fashion Designer

I contemplated this week that I have been an angry person lately, dwelling on past events, shit happens as they say,  but it's time to let all that go, that's my current focus.

The mother of my son's dearest friend died this week, I hadn't known her very long,  but was drawn to her, she was spiritual, artistic and a wonderful mother.  She knew she would die and I had asked her what she wanted me to pray for - she had said 'just pray for peace, that's all I want'.  When her son called us, he  said 'she has gone to her other home'.  That small sentence says so much.   Now that she has gone, I realise that in praying for her, I have moved a step towards inner peace myself.  That's a deep thought, haven't had one of those for some time. 



  1. To find inner peace is magical. Just to be calm and content is a wondrous gift. We think God is everywhere and you can find him if you choose. No church needed. Happy Farther's day to your daddy and have a lovely serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. So sorry about your friend. She's at peace now. At least you're being very honest about your faith and you know exactly what you want from it. I don't have any but last week, I visited a couple of lovely churches as part of the little local annual festival that took place and loved the fact that they were empty and I could sit and contemplate stuff, albeit not religiously. I also visited a tiny Methodist Church where the people were very friendly but still can't fetch myself to join up. I'd feel such a fraud.I'm finding 'mindfulness' quite satisfactory at the moment and am trying not to let upcoming negative (to me) events get in the way.
    I love your nasturtiums and your poppy 'header' is just beautiful. Keep painting!xxx

  3. I'm so sorry for the the loss of your friend, Betty.

    I'm crazy about color, too. I quite agree with you when it comes to orange. I've always been drawn to it.

    God be with you today, good soul.

  4. I'm sorry for your (and your son's friend's) loss.
    The colours of your art are just lovely. I was drawn to orange all weekend - maybe yo make up for the departure of the sunshine. xxx

  5. So, so pretty, Betty with all the oranges and reds. Will send you a link about color if I can resurrect it from my trash bin. You might enjoy it.

  6. such a beautiful inspirational post, in all ways, thank you for sharing his with us, your work is beautiful, the colors are spot on!

  7. I thought I had commented on this post Betty then realised I only dreamt I had. I love the colours in your work & nasturtiums were always my late mother-in-laws favourite flowers & remind me of her. I'm deeply sorry for your sons & your loss but was pleased to read that you felt your load lift a little after praying for her. I think you might have removed some of your post since i read it the other day but I just wanted to say that I no longer affiliate myself with any church but prefer instead to find God in nature & other surroundings & this has felt the right way for me. We all find our own paths in this journey called life. I am glad you are letting go of your anger - I have times when its easy to hold onto these negative thoughts & dwell on them but the harder way is to let it go & move forward. Thinking of you Betty - sending hugs your way my friend x0x0

    1. yes I deleted a bit of my post as I thought it was too 'all about me' too much info and blah blah! but thankyou for coming and commenting, I know what you mean about finding God in Nature, that's where it's happening for me.


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