Monday, 23 June 2014

Hi there, I worked at the weekend but there was plenty of time for a bbq and some late afternoon sunshine in the garden.  It was Summer solstice and would have been my mothers birthday - I always remember her on this weekend with something floral and so I made an ice bowl, you just put a smaller bowl inside a large one and fill with water, placing the woodland flowers in as you go - you freeze in layers,  A little wonky, it looks pretty in the dark with a candle inside.

This is what it looks like when it is turned out of its mould.  Holding it under running hot water for a few seconds will take away that foggy haze.

Teenage boy made a delicious cream, white chocolate and strawberry cake.

and adult boy came home from university for the Summer - the cat was just as pleased as the rest of us and will not come out of his bedroom if he is in there!

Everyone seems to be getting to know their partners for the swap - if anyone hasn't made contact and is worrying, please let me know if I can help.... my 2nd partner (from Betty and Annie's blog) has had to drop out of the swap due to personal circumstances, which is not a problem at all - I am still swapping with Thriftwood.

Well that's all from me for now.  Hope you had a good weekend.


  1. Your ice bowl is pretty! I made those years ago and think they are so pretty. Yours is so refreshing!

  2. Flippin' Blogger's broken so I had to search you out on my bloglist because only one blogger/post is showing up at a time so nearly missed you! I had an adult boy home for lunch yesterday and nearly locked him in his old room to keep him there but then I came to my senses!(just kidding about that btw in case anyone thinks I'm really crazy)!I miss being a Mum! Enjoy all the time you have with yours and that cake looks scrummy! You're a lucky duck having someone to bake for you. I love your iced bowl and what a lovely sentiment to your Ma. I was hooting with laughter when I read your comment about not standing under the lampshade while wearing my dress!You're a real tonic, Betty. x

  3. When all of my flowers bloom, I shall follow your lead and make an ice bowl.

  4. Hi Betty, seems I am having the same problems as Nana Go-Go with my blogger not showing up posts. I had to go searching for you. I love your ice bowl & also the strawberry cake has my tastebuds buzzing. Happy week Betty x0x


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