Sunday, 11 May 2014

I varied my route to work this week, choosing country roads through farmland instead of the usual busy main road route.  The hedgerows are full of tiny wildflower, the fields are a patchwork of yellows and greens and dotted with newborn lambs, with the window open I enjoyed birdsong and arrived at work feeling very tranquil.


Daisies at the roadside (paint is still wet)
I am experimenting with watercolour wet on wet, it runs and mixes with unexpected results which I have yet to learn to control but am enjoying this painting style.

Today we walked through the woods and found a public footpath that took us across the fields.  We saw the white squirrel again and I got a much better picture this time.

 He's so pretty, we watched for some time sitting in this oak tree,he would run up the top and come down eating acorns, presumably he has stashed some from the autumn and is raiding his supplies.

The woods are no longer full of bluebells, there's a white canopy of blossoms, blackberry blossom is early and bee borage is abundant.  The little rickety wooden steps above are a new discovery - I have found several like these on my walks and find them quite magical!

Welcome to some new followers and thankyou all for taking the time to comment on my last post, it's lovely that you have stopped by.  Betty x


  1. I think your whole route is quite magical, especially the Squirrel!

  2. Hello Betty, you've captured those roadside daisies so beautifully in your watercolour.
    Loved seeing the white squirrel and those enchanting woods in your walk :D)

  3. Don't be following that squirrel down any holes for goodness sake! I wonder if you should tell someone official about him, he seems to be a rare sight?I agree with Elizabeth, your whole journey is very magical and I'm loving your new painting style. Lovely to be

  4. Wow-that Squirrel! Thanks for such a lovely post, and for youv comment on mine.

  5. Oh how beautiful Betty,. I just love daisies so much. Gosh what a great photo of that little squirrel - your woods are so magical indeed. Its lovely that you can discover new & different little tracks all the time. I think the white canopy would look wonderful too. Happy week to you (its MOnday here now) x0x

  6. Love the daisies Betty and ours are huge this year. The white squirrel is quite a site. Bless him he must be a rare one. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Nice watercolor results. Glad you found your white squirrel again. His eyes were looking right at you...he has his eye on you.

  8. Beautiful, delicate artwork, so lovely! thanks for sharing.
    How fab to see that cute little squirrel again, I love it! xxx

  9. Betty - your watercolor daisies are so lovely and delicate. Took some time to catch up on some of your older posts...your bluebells in the woods are so pretty. They are such a favorite of mine. I have Virginia ones which just spread all over our woods. Your white squirrel is amazing. I am so glad you shared his picture - have never seen one before. We have brown, red and black here. Bet he is a rare find. Take care and have a wonderful week.

  10. I suppose the albino can occur in any species? But I never imagined a white squirrel... How special, not only to catch sight of a such a creature, but to catch a photo of him!

  11. At first, I thought it was white bunny rabbit. That is so unusual seeing a white squirrel. You look like you are living in a fairyland. Truly magical!


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