Monday, 5 May 2014


My apple tree - a Mothers' Day gift several years ago, is blossoming and prompted me to get the paints out today.

Frothy, pink and white petals and freshly unfurling new leaf growth.

I have been on several walks this weekend, today I found wild blossom in the woods
and a smouldering camp fire further away at the edge of the fields - signs that someone has had a makeshift camping weekend -we wished we could build a den and do the same!

 There are rhododendron growing in the woods near the lake.

 We saw deer and a woodpecker, these little starry flowers are everywhere.  Looking up there are many birds nests and looking down, broken shell dotted around, no doubt there will be many new visitors to our garden in the coming month.  What does it look like in your corner of the world this week? 


  1. I wonder who was camping in the woods? I'd have loved to have been. Hopefully we'll pitch our tent in the garden and have a night under canvas before the festival season kicks in.
    Our garden is a mass of bluebells, the tortoise is munching his way happily through the rocket that grows in abundance and I'm going to pick the rhubarb and make a crumble later - quite the rural idyll for the heart of the Industrial Midlands! x

  2. We often hear woodpeckers even here in town but we have never actually seen one. Glad you are enjoying the good weather Betty. Lovely seeing the blossoms all out. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I love apple blossom, my mum and dad's is just starting to come out. Your painting is lovely as well. We currently have lots of starlings and blackbirds visiting us.

  4. Glorious! With lilacs and fruit tree blossoms, my neighborhood is lovely!
    I love reading about your woodland walks, Betty! (BIG HUG!) I have a grandson on his way into the world! Please pray with me!

  5. So pretty, Betty. The painting would make lovely fabric from Spoonflower.

  6. A beautiful painting Betty! Some lovely finds on your latest walks... always beaut to read about. Such pretty photos :D)

  7. You've captured the apple blossom perfectly Betty! I'm looking out of my kitchen window and can jut see mine is coming into bloom too.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday

    Love Claire xxx

  8. Hi Betty ... its just beautiful to enjoy spring through your posts as we go into autumn mode over here. You have captured the apple blossom so wonderfully as you always seem to do. Happy week to you x0x0

  9. What a beautiful apple blossom, Betty. Your painting is dreamy. It's heavenly visiting with you.
    My corner of the world is in South Florida, and it is warm and breezy today, not humid or hot, just right.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  10. Thank you for visiting and commenting on the owls. Lovely post and your starry flowers are stitchwort. They are gorgeous this time of year especially if in patches of bluebells. The painting is so spring like.


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