Monday, 28 April 2014

Last Post in April

Hello, thank you for visiting and welcome to some new followers .  You're just in time for my last diary post for April. What brought you here today? my woodland walks? paintings? it's lovely that you stopped by, thankyou.  Hope you enjoy the bluebells.

NB: This posy was not the most fragrant as it was largely made of wild garlic!

Youngest boy is very keen on finding new woodland and, living in Surrey, we have plenty.  Yesterday we walked out the back of our own woodland and beyond, got lost and followed the river, discovering a new route and more fabulous bluebells...

As you can see, we were lucky to find an empty eggshell on the ground, I walked for about an hour with this fragile shell in my hand, determined to put it on my nature table, but unfortunately I slipped and fell hard and as I did I squeezed the little shell in my hand and it was smashed... what a shame.

Here's a quick little scribbly watercolour of how the woods are looking this week.  wood anenome and bluebell everywhere - it will look so empty when they die down.  But then it will be cloaked in a new colour scheme.

It's time for an update on how my holiday saving plan is going - I am one of many following SavingforTravel's blog *HERE* and am in the Sealed Pot Challenge and also a bigger saving plan for a family holiday.  We plan to be in Cuba in early January.  We were last there in 2006 and are lucky to be at the same hotel by the beach again.  This will be for four of us, two rooms (the boys being 16 and 20 by then will need their own space), two weeks all inclusive.

My next challenge to myself is to find as many of my holiday clothes as possible in charity shops - that way I can change a lot when I get hot (!) and if anything gets lost or damaged in the wash, well it won't matter so much.  I don't really want to spend a lot on clothes that will only be worn for two weeks!

I have been exploring some charity shops and found this beautiful East Anokhi hand dyed batik maxi skirt, one of those things you would like to have but can't justify the cost type of thing as it retails around £50 I think - I was lucky to pay only £6.

  I also found this one for £4.50, it has such a lovely print I thought it would make a nice holiday skirt.

Here's my nature table this month... April has been full of bluebells, birds nests, eggs, fossils on the chalky Birling Gap beach and seed planting, the book is about wildflowers and their medicinal uses.

Plans for May are to get mapping and plan some new routes into woodlands - these will be 'epic walks' as they will involve whole days, packed lunches, possibly a drive to get to a starting point, sensible footwear (non slip!)

What are you planning for the month ahead?

Nearly forgot to show you this superb new lunch bag from Matalan - it's roomy enough for two meals/drinks and will be perfect for those healthy picnics I intend to take on my walks!


  1. Betty, your blog is always refreshing to come to visit, whether it is woodland walks, painting or whatever! I just enjoy coming.

  2. Betty your woodland walks always make us feel envious. Wish we could join you.Those are some great charity shop finds. Good luck for saving up for Cuba. That will be something fabulous to look forward to.
    By the way we just love your bits of this and that on this blog.
    Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I love your photos and the birds song. A beautiful blog, I will certainly call again.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi Betty! Sorry about the little cute eggshell! Nevertheless your nature table looks beautiful! I also enjoyed looking at your buys! :) Have a lovely day! :))

  5. Hello Betty - I have been away & am just catching up on some blog posts now so I may have missed some of your posts. What I love mostly about your blog is just everything .... I love that we live in different parts of the globe & so I get to experience spring with you via your posts as it is autumn here & rather chilly. I love to read about your thrift shop finds & also see your beautiful paintings. Also love to read of your woodlands as we dont have those here the same, So please Betty, dont change anything - Oh & especially not the birdsong. Is that a new header?? It is gorgeous too. Wishing you a happy week Betty across the globe x0x0x Julie

  6. Those bluebells are gorgeous and I love the vase of flowers on your nature table.

  7. Hello Betty, it's photos of your woodland walks and your paintings that I most love to see.
    So saying that, I do love to read of your finds in the Op (charity) shops too.
    Then again, your whole blog has a lovely welcoming feel to it and so I guess if you were to pin me down I'd say that's the main reason I visit!
    Sorry, can't give you a main visiting reason at all :D)

  8. Your nature table looks so pretty Betty and your water colour painting is beautiful...I love bluebells and the woods are always so magical...x
    Happy Weekend!
    Susan x

  9. Betty! I am wonderstruck, and no, google does not recognize that word but I recognize that feeling. :) Your page is so full of beauty and inspiration, I could almost cry. Yes, I am that passionate. ;) My goodness, C.S. Lewis, Helen Steiner Rice, Shakespeare, birds singing in the background, a To-Do list that starts off with one of my greatest dreams, glorious art, and so much life. Now, as if that wasn't enough, you are traveling to Cuba, my birth country? Okay, I have a feeling I'm going to be spending a lot of time here. I hope you don't mind.
    Much love!

  10. Aw, I wish I could walk with you. One of my students said, "I wish my bike was fixed because I would pack my lunch and ride and ride and ride." I hope her daddy fixes her wheels so she can explore like you are going to!

  11. oh Betty I love this post so much, the skirt, wow, the nature table, I have a nature table too!!!!! Your painting is beautiful, so vibrant so fresh!


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