Sunday, 20 April 2014

It's been peaceful here over Easter... thanks for your comments on my last post.  That little verse is short and simple but special to me. On my walks I always am reminded of the gifts of Life and Grace, faith is a personal thing and this is how I touch base with mine, hope you enjoy this post of wanderings and meanderings.

 We visited Birling Gap on Good Friday, it has been on the UK news lately because the coastal houses are falling into the sea due to land erosion, this house is next to fall and sadly the Government will not be able to prevent it as the cost implications are too vast.  The sea was going out and there were fossils to be found, sea anenome I think.

 As the tide went out the rock pools were revealed, slippery but very exciting to explore.

My Easter Sunday was spent in the woods with hubby, reflecting on our lives and futures
our boys are now young men and everything is changing,we haven't caught up yet.

 The woods are prettier than ever, the ground is completely carpeted in bluebells, yesterday we had heavy rains and the smell of the flowers was overpowering.  Sadly the blackbirds nest was empty when I peeked, I don't think they could have flown so soon but guess a fox has made a meal of them.  Unfortunately the birds chose a well hidden site to nest, but it was too low at about four feet off the ground.

We explored many woody homes.   I could imagine a fairy living in here, the hole  is very large and goes deep into the ground.

This D shaped hole  looks like the home of Mr Badger, we thought about coming back in the Summer with a lamp and maybe sitting for a while to watch for them, it would be exciting to see one, but they are shy creatures and we would have to visit in the middle of the night.

I would love to drink an Alice in Wonderland potion and explore this rooted hideaway.

 I have been making a gift request for a friend, silk painted lavender bag and a watercolour poppies.
Hope she likes it, I will be walking through the woods to her house on the other side like little red riding hood today to deliver it.

I haven't got anything creative on the go now, is there anything you would like me to paint?  I will busy myself with mending and fixing until inspiration comes.  My cuckoo clock needs new hands, garden needs some tidying and there are three pairs of school trousers to hem - why did I leave that until the day before school returns!


  1. You always show us such lovely places. Woodland walks are so soothing, I find.

  2. Betty we love your header pic and the bluebells in the woods are a joy to see. Hope you had a lovely Easter and enjoy the long weekend. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Such lovely places, I'm tempted to get my boots on and venture to the bottom of the garden, that should be a bluebell wood by now! xxx

  4. Lovely post - I'd love a walk in the woods, maybe soon. What a shame about the blackbird's eggs - nasty fox! Lucky friend to have those treasures from you - love the poppies - but it's nearly time for me to bring out my silk hankie in its frame that you gave me yonks ago (for C's nose but far too good for that kind of thing!)and my little silk lavender purse is keeping those dratted moths away from my wool! My peony roses are coming into bud now - what about painting some peonies, they're so beautiful and blousy? Have a great week, Betty. x

  5. Hello Betty, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful woodland photos...especially the bluebells & fairy houses! I loved the pic of you in the midst of the rape seed gloriously sunshine yellow. It's funny how life suddenly comes to the next's a while since our kids left home & it's finally feeling like it's meant to be just us again & that's a good thing!. Have a lovely week sweet friend. Much love catherine x0x

  6. It sounds as if you had a nice, quiet Easter. Your photos are wonderful.

  7. Love the photographs of the woods, and the sea, always the sea.
    You listen to seashells and wish on stars. I'm glad I have company.

    PS-Your painted silk is beautiful.
    PSS-I must work on my to-do list.


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