Friday, 4 April 2014

Ambercat has become elderly, I only just noticed, she will be 12 next month I think and has developed some arthritis in her back legs, she no longer wants to run and chase (possibly because her chasing companion Olly moved house) and prefers to sleep a lot.  I hope she will venture into the woods with me for the odd walk, she's an adventurous walking companion once she gets going.

I have had a nice time painting this week, mostly the wild flowers and birds nest I found on my last walk, eggs are tricky, I played around.
 I remembered my grandfather telling me 'paint what you see, not what you think you see'.

It's a home making day today, I am cooking celeriac and cheese bake and re-potting my citrus trees, hanging out laundry and putting clean sheets on the beds. 
I like these kind of days the best, don't you? what are you doing today?

I have glanced guiltily at the sewing book I bought last year, still nothing made.  It has become a coffee table book because I don't want to spend money on sewing fabric, I'm waiting for something suitable to turn up in a charity shop - ideally an old embroidered table cloth that is not too precious too cut and big enough to wear!  Could take years to find the right thing and my book will gather dust, but never mind.

My second letter/painting printed in a magazine, Landlove this time.  I subscribe to this magazine and find the photography exceptional, it's very inspiring and flipping through a copy always makes me want to paint what I see, I wrote to tell them.

Visitors from overseas may have read that we had some Sahara desert dust sprinklings here in the UK brought by cloud, it has given hubby and youngest boy hay fever symptoms and caused a flurry of car washing in the neighbourhood as we awoke to find our cars and windows in a film of dust. It's a good reason not to wash the windows today, there may be more on the way.

Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Sweet Amber cat looks so cosy. We love those pottering around days. We got a belting of dust allover the cars. It is definitely in the air. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. It's always sad when our pets gets old and it seems that time goes too fast and before we know it they have become less mobile, just like we will be some day. Cat hugs to Ambercat, your walking companion.

    I bought some water colors and found a nice big water color tablet at a thrift store but I've been so busy with hooking lately that all my spare time has been devoted to it. When the time comes to paint, I'll be ready...
    Congratulations on getting published again. Such a nice feeling of accomplishment. Your watercolor paintings are always inspiring.

    1. Great that you have the paints/paper to hand - maybe leave them out where you keep seeing them and you will find your feet walking that way! I do hope you get a bit of quiet time for painting Julia, you work so hard.

  3. Congratulations on your picture being published! Love the eggs in the nest.

  4. Congratulations on being published, you talented lady. Love those blue eggs in a nest, proper Spring-like!
    Ambercat is a beauty and surely 12 is still quite youthful. Our Lucy lived until she was 22! Have you tried adding cod liver oil to her dinner? xxx

    1. Thankyou Vix, Lucy did well to reach 22 - our last 2 cats made it to 15 - Ambercat came from a rescue place and we were told she might have short life because of her previous treatment. Let's hope she rolls on until 22+ - cod liver oil? will look into that - thanks.

  5. Hi Betty!
    Your nest and the eggs = GORGEOUS! Well done!
    I know what you mean about buying fabric to sew. It's expensive these days and we always want to be sure, don't we? Thus, the stall.
    Amber looks cozy. She likes to rest and I don't blame her.
    So sorry to hear about he hay fever. Time for some essential oils to remedy everyone's ills.

  6. How lovely Betty to visit your blog & be greeted by beautiful birdsong, it almost feels like I am out in the garden. I love your delicate paintings, my Mom always told me that same thing "paint what you see & not what you think you see", it is a good one to remember. Today I am in my studio, trying to finish a commission painting for a lovely customer for her sons wedding present, but now I want to get outside after hearing the lovely birdsong!

  7. PS; Had to say your to do list over there reads very much like mine ;)


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