Sunday, 13 April 2014

Found this beaded chiffon bag for £4.00 just in time for a party, I had planned ahead and dyed the silk top a while back ready to wear with a leather skirt.  It was a friend's 50th birthday, he plays drums so the night was really a gig of great music, dancing and celebration. 

I had to smile as I left the charity shop, a lady had tried to tempt me with a Mulberry bag for 'only' £99 that apparently retails at several hundred pounds - I'm afraid I wouldn't know a Mulberry bag if it hit me in the face but no doubt it will be a treasured find for someone else!  Don't get me wrong, I totally understand those of you ladies who like designer wear, it's style, lasting quality, excellent materials, but it's rarely for me.

On to the woods and there's a new colour scheme....bluebells and rapeseed.

 It was a long walk on an overcast day but this bright yellow field lifted our spirits.  We revisited the blackbird nest,  two of the eggs have hatched into little bald pink blobs, the parents were close so we didn't linger.   This windmill is a couple of miles from our house yet I don't pass it often, it changed hands and sadly its sails have fallen into disrepair.

 Wouldn't you love to live in this pretty little cottage? it backs on to the woods and has views to the side of farmland, a patchwork quilt of green and yellow fields as far as the eye can see.  This little house looks like it's smiling at me I feel - you may think this an odd thing to say, I often feel houses have a personality all their own though.

  Bluebells have arrived already,  the woods are a mass of blue with shady areas dotted with delicate white wood anemone.  I didn't know bluebells had perfume - the smell was powerful.  I was there with teenage boy for a picnic.  I have taken some bluebells to press, not sure this will be successful but am hopeful.  Have you ever had success pressing such large flowers?

Teenage boy came back with me today for a second picnic walk (I'm so grateful for him, we have so much fun and good chats on these walks) and we were rewarded with the sight of black welsh sheep with their lambs, the farmer was there and told us the sheep that was getting all our attention and being stroked was a castrated ram kept to protect the small flock.  His wool was thick and wiry, I asked if they sold the fleece - occasionally but there is not much demand - if only I knew how to make it into yarn!

Yellow was never a colour I liked until today but the rapeseed fields are an exception, this particular shade I might even be willing to wear - by the end of this post you might be overloaded on yellow!  Here are some pictures of  our route...

 Here's another very pretty house set in the woods

These houses are run on oil heating the meters appear randomly around the roads and woods, the village has no gas central heating.

I just love these mossy steps - they only lead to a field, but what an entrance!  .... I will leave you with this stile to climb, then you can enter this woody copse of bluebells and almost smell their perfume - thankyou for visiting, until next time......


  1. Lovely to see your gorgeous self in such a pretty setting! Love the Indian bag, much cooler than some mediocre bag with a logo on it - I'd rather use a Lidl carrier, at least it's advertising something useful!
    Lovely spring scenes and the piglets are so sweet! x

    1. Thankyou for visiting Vix, I do agree about the bag! Your blue dress on your post today would have had a fabulous photo shoot in my yellow fields! it's just exactly the colour of the bluebells.

  2. Lovely views Betty and we sure are lucky with the weather. Even when it is overcast it is still mild. Loving the yellow fields. They remind me of yesteryear and yes the 70's clothes too. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. What a lovely walk. You do have some beautiful country side around you. I think your bluebells are a bit ahead of ours. There is something magical about the mix of bluebells and wood anemones.

  4. That's a cute photo of you, Betty! I like your blonde streaks!
    Aw, all that springy yellow! I like it a lot!
    You had a lovely walk. It's snowing here today. Boo!

  5. I wondered who the model in the pic was and then realised it was your good self!!lol Lovely,lovely photo of you Betty - you're so lucky being blonde!! I love your beaded bag and the colour of the silk top. Re the Mulberry bag - beware of knock-offs! V just bought a Mulberry bag for L in Dubai but she spotted straightaway that it was a fake so is giving it to me next week when they get back from honeymoon. I'm not fussy! Great post, Betty - lovely and Springy and outdoorsy - a real breath of fresh air. Thanks. xxx

  6. Hello Betty, this post is just magical - the views along your delightful walk are lovely, as are the burst of colours.
    What pretty houses - so full of character.
    That's a beautiful photograph of you at the start too.
    I'd have chosen the same handbag as you ;D)
    Cheerio :D)

  7. A lovely post Betty - I love your new photo - your hair colouring looks very natural. Thanks for taking us on that gorgeous walk with you - your spring colours are just gorgeous over there especially that yellow. Glad to read you are enjoying some nice weather at last. x0x

  8. Lovely to see you, Betty! I like your style, I am a brunette turned blond too. :) I enjoyed the lovely photos!

  9. You definitely scored with your bag!

    Bluebells are supposedly native to Colorado, but after lots of nurturing, only one is still barely hanging on in my little garden. So pretty in your pictures!


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