Saturday, 8 March 2014

Oldest boy gave me some good quality watercolour pencils for my birthday, I sat down with them today and had a lovely time experimenting with them using ideas found at this blog ...fabulous art work and very generous free tips and tutorials for budding artists.  As you can see, I  tried a tutorial and learned how to make veins in leaves and flower clusters that are loose and unstructured.

I forgot to take a picture of the bark candle sleeves I made at Christmas, they were very successful - simple and rustic.  I might make some more for Easter.  It's a time of renewal for me and I like to decorate our home.  This is last year's wreath - I will have something different this year.  Do you decorate for Easter?  My mother observed the Spring Equinox and I have continued the tradition of bringing Spring indoors with flowers and wreaths.  I like the little Easter gardens they make at school with tiny coloured stones for footpaths and broken mirror for the pond!  Do you have decorating traditions at Easter?

I walked in the woods and across the fields at the weekend.  It was very muddy and we had to turn back eventually as some fields were swampy - but we saw plenty of signs of Spring.  March is a yellow month, I found the golden glow of celandine, gorse and primrose blossom and shoots that mark the spot where we will see swathes of bluebells next month. It's such a relief that the rain has stopped, it was relentless.  I never thought I would complain about rain.  This winter we have seen how destructive Nature can be and we have been reminded that we must live with and respect this powerful force.

Top right is apricot shortbread - youngest boy did a practice run for his catering exam.  Deliciously crumbly...

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  1. Betty your paintings are always lovely and we so look forward to these sunny days to come this week. We hope with the lovely weather you get a chance to go out and about. Apricot shortbread sounds divine. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. That painting is utterly beautiful, the colours are fantastic. its been the perfect weather for a countryside stroll this weekend, not that I have, I've been hard at it the whole time.
    That shortbread looks wonderful! xxx

  3. Hello Betty - beautiful watercolour painting there - it reminds me of our blue hydrangeas here. No I dont really decorate much for Easter although slooowwly it is coming into fashion over here in New Zealand. My friend has the most beautiful Easter quilts she puts out.
    I went to a wedding on Saturday & the groom & his family had travelled from the U.K. & we spoke at length about the dreadful wet winter you have all had over there. Hoping for some sunshine for you Betty, x0x0

  4. Your paintings are beautiful and so is your writing, you have an artistic soul. I also paint watercolors and mainly flowers and will look at that web site you visited. We haven't had rain for three months, I think the weather is definitely changing, more extremes everywhere.
    Kind wishes

  5. Hello Betty, what a wonderful talent you have been graced with. I am so thrilled for you that your paintings are being published & shared. I hope you feel really chuffed with yourself : ) Happy, happy un-birthday! Still your birthday month, however! I am happily trying to imagine an afternoon tea in Brighton with you & your elderly memorable & charming!
    Like Julie, I have never particularly decorated for Easter, although one year I did a service at Church when most folks were away & we had a long table with baskets of grapes, wholesome loaves of bread & fresh was a lovely time & a special communion meal. Of course, here in NZ Easter always happens in autumn. Enjoy your early spring. Much love & friendship for a happy week, Catherine x0x0x0x


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