Sunday, 16 March 2014

I went on a walk today which took me through woodland, into fields and along bridle paths through several villages with some pretty old buildings and features.....I thought you might like to see a little of what is around here.

There is a gipsy community very near here, the sign above is to warn those of us using the narrow paths through the wood that they may bump into a pony and trap!  We did see one but it was going very slowly.  We brought an apple with us for possible encounters with horses.  I love the little red postal boxes we have around here and hope they never get replaced by anything modern.

The church above is very old and has its original stained glass windows.  It is part stone, part wood.  The bells are in use - bell ropes are all neatly arranged.  The alter (above) had the most beautiful paint design and the organ pipes sparkled.  We had missed the service but the door was open so we stopped for a while and rested.

The tapestry kneelers above were all handmade and individual, probably made in the Womens Institute pictured (below the kneelers with the green sign).  The church ceiling is wooden and incense was burning.  The nearby house has original leaded windows.

My house is not the only place called Touchwood around here!

We returned with sore feet but content from an afternoon in the sunshine and fresh air.


  1. Beautiful! What a great walk you had. We have blue sky today, too!

  2. That sounded like an interesting walk. I like the spring flowers. We still have lots of snow from the huge snow storm we had last week on top of what we had but Spring has arrived and snow is melting.

  3. Beautiful traditional country church. Those stained glass windows are utterly wonderful and who doesn't feel uplifted by daffodils growing in the wild? xxx

  4. Just beautiful Betty - thanks for taking me on your walk with you :-)
    Just had to tell you ... an older lady who comes to my Cottage is working on making 40 tapestry kneelers for the church along with a few other ladies - she showed me some of her work oneday - just gorgeous,
    Happy spring week to you Betty x0x

  5. Betty looks like you had a lovely walk and we love the pic of the snowdrops. Have a marvellous Monday and Happy St Patrick's Day.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. I'm going to pretend your house is named after Catweazle rather than it's location, which I suspect is nearer the truth.

    1. You're right! I loved Catweazle, his little words for things (like electrickery)! Touchwood was his toad, do you remember? we are touching the woods but when our house was built there was a lot of mud and toads! hence the name!

  7. Yes I remember his toad and didn't he think airplanes were flying dragons? Brilliant.


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