Sunday, 2 February 2014

Real world is getting into balance now enabling us all to smile more often and feel more optimistic about the future.  I thought I would be absent from my blog, but here I am again, in need of a little quiet time.

I was woken yesterday at 3am by an automated phone flood warning, had the water risen higher we would not have been able to do much about it!  We have a lot of mud where the water level had nowhere to go, just short of flooding, we are grateful it missed us.  .  There is more on the way though.

My rusty old hands haven't painted for a while, the brush felt a little strange, we need to get acquainted again.

 I have fat daffodil and tulip bulbs in tubs out the back,  too cold to open yetI look at them first thing every morning full of anticipation.

I will be 55 this month,  and am thinking about what I achieved in the last year; I joined a gym, dropped a dress size, learned back stroke swimming, saved for a holiday.   In the year ahead I hope to spend more time out doors and to explore my surroundings with day trips and train journeys.
Having a family to love and care for is what makes me happiest of course,
but I know the odd day at the seaside, or in the woods feeds my soul.
are you feeding your soul?


  1. What beautiful spring flowers, you paint so beautifully.

  2. Hi Betty it's nice to hear that life is a bit more balanced for you right now, although those floods warnings sound a little scary! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the water levels reduce or you and this blasted rain stops! You achieved so much last year I hope this year and especially your birthday is a good one xx it would seem that you and your paint brush are becoming well acquainted as your paintings are beautiful as always. xxx

  3. Oh no Betty we hope the rain does not come and you stay safe and dry. It has been blissful over the weekend here as there has been no rain and it was sunny. We love your Spring paintings.
    Have a serene Sunday and enjoy some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Betty, I'm glad that your world is getting balances and that you have returned at blogging and that you picked up your brushes once again. You are so talented, it's a shame not using that talent.
    It feels like Spring today here today.

    I can't wait for spring

  5. Hope that the rain doesn't reach you and that you stay dry.

  6. Hello dear Betty! Yay for 55! We're twins.
    I love the sea and if I could get there on a train, I'd go once a week. I guess I'll have to settle for the man-made lake not to far from here. I'm glad things have settled down a bit. I love it when you blog.

  7. I am so glad you are feeling more balanced and settled. The flood warnings sound pretty scary and I don't fancy those phone calls but glad you are ok for now.

  8. I am glad things are settling for you Betty & you have felt inclined to pick up your brush again as I just love your paintings. I have been hearing on our news of all your rains over there. I hope it eases up for you soon. Happy 55th birthday for this month ... you have achieved quite alot last year when you write it all down - those are quite big acheivements. Sometimes we need to put it in print to feel like we have accomplished something. Yes i try to feed my soul too - happy week to you x0x0

  9. oh Betty love love your painting(:)

  10. No, but I need to. Glad the water missed you and hope it continues to do so. Beautiful flowers!

  11. Hello Betty, it's lovely to see you back (so sorry, I missed your last post, I've been a bit of an absent blogger myself lately) and glad that your life is becoming a little easier. Spring is just around the corner, and with it, I hope a lack of early morning flood warnings and alerts! We've had our fair share too ... on the landline, mobile, email and ansaphone! (Wonder who could have set all those up ;) ?) I love your painting, love the way your capture the colours so perfectly ....

    Thanks for popping over to mine and for your kind comments. A note about the CK wallpaper ... I thought it would only take 2 rolls, so bought them with a voucher I had for 20pc off and free p&p ... apparently it has a 'big' match, so I had to purchase a further roll (no 20pc off and no free delivery) and it was touch and go whether we would need more. More or less every scrap was used, I was envisioning using the scraps on furniture projects, but will have to be very sparing with them ... even the sample piece was used!

    Have a lovely weekend

    Love Claire xxx


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