Thursday, 13 February 2014

Waving, not drowning....

Yellow and orange, sunny, warm colours.  We need some of that in the UK so I have had to create my own:

 These fresias were in my head but took some time to come out! I have trouble with colour washes and actually put mine on at the end of my picture which is completely the wrong way causing all kinds of imperfections that those who know best would tut about, but it would be a dull old life if everything was perfect methinks.

 Today I was woken by a blackbird singing his morning song, the sun shone briefly, a rainbow decorated the sky for all of two minutes and I went to find my camera, it was gone in an instant, I should have just stayed and enjoyed it while it lasted!

I attended the last church service in the old building that I have visited for the last 10 years, the congregation is now homeless until the new building is completed next Spring.  Using a school as a base.  Maybe this is good, a chance to reach out into the community, after all the church IS the people, not the building.

 We are very grateful that the flooding here is minimal, although people in other parts of our town have not been so lucky.  It is heartbreaking to see so much on the news about the damage to homes and businesses

Must dash, hope you're all safe and warm and have magic moments with a loved one this Valentines Day.


  1. Hi Betty - you have been on my mind so much of late as we watch all the flooding reports on our news over here. I am so glad to hear it has not affected you drastically & feel for the ones in your area that have been affected. Your paintings of the freisias are so beautiful - I agree life would be so dull if all was perfect in our worlds. Happy Valentines to you Betty x0x

  2. Your flowers are beautiful Betty. We are sick of the weather too as everywhere is just water logged. At least we have not been flooded so we must be thankful for that. Happy Valentine's Day to you and may you and your family have a fabulous day.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Well they look great to me! I had wondered whether you'd escaped the floods, we've been lucky here in the East.

  4. A big Valentine wish for you, Betty! Praying that the rain stops!

  5. Hello Betty, so glad that you're safe and well but my heart goes out to those not so lucky, and hope that the situation eases soon. Your pictures are s lovely, what a talent you have!

    Thanks for visiting Thriftwood,and hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day too xxx

  6. Love your freesias! Delightful colours.


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