Monday, 17 February 2014

Colour Post!

Half term and a trip to the local Asian cash and carry - youngest boys choice for a day out - he's very into cooking... lots of colour here..

Feel like cooking? what would you do with Galangal**? (below top right) and banana blossom**
 (below top left)  no doubt we will find out!  This is the place to buy cheaper and fresher, corriander 2 bunches for £1.20, non of your usual supermarket limp leaves pressed in sweaty plastic bags, everthing  here is bursting with colour, flavour and smell.....

We shop here for Indian bread and tandoori spices to make our chicken tikka
we also like the baclawa Arabic desserts and the curried noodles
Rice is very cheap and lots of different grades/varieties.

My walk in the woods yesterday involved a lot of detours due to fallen trees and flooding but there was plenty to see. Bluetits nesting, turquoise sky and signs of new growth despite two weeks of battering from heavy rains and winds

What a fabulous sky!  no fancy filters, just my old faithful camera. 

same spot, it's all a question of whether you choose to look up... or down!
Flooded roads but it's clean fresh rainwater here draining off the woods and everything smells wonderful!

We have some very old pine trees here that have preservation orders, this one is directly behind my house and is oozing pine oil - the black, wet marks are the oil - I am presuming the storm has damaged the trees and that's why they are oozing this oil? It smells fabulous, yesterdays walk was like aromatherapy!

On to creative thoughts, no flowers anywhere yet so I am having to create my own.
I have a library book about abstract art, something new to me so have been experimenting.
Here's a look at the first layer of random splodgings.

Desperately longing for fresh herb gardening but it's too early yet ...
having to make do with the windowsill at present...don't you love the fresh smell of herbs in your kitchen? I have found it's an inepensive treat.

Herbs from Lidl, the rosemary is huge and smells nice.

Another colour blast, more of those freesias I painted, I used to dislike oranges and yellows but lately have changed my mind.  It seems to feature with spiritual images a lot - think hare krisna and Indian henna powder, etc.

Want to see one of my favourite places for recharging my batteries?
It's the colours and smells I like here - Some more yellow and orange,
this is one of my favourite haunts

it's Neals Yard in London - just off Neal Street, near Covent Garden
(where the aromatherapy rooms are)
I never can get enough of this tiny corner of London for just plain old sitting and watching the world go by when I have a chance to visit.
Do you have a favourite spot that does it for you?

Hope my colour post has brightened your day.  Betty x

Foodie info:
**galangal is a type of ginger root used in asian cookery
**banana flower is the purple flowering 'heart' found on the banana bunch, the innermost leaves are eaten either raw or in a stew, sometimes tiny fruits are also found inside, the yellow ones only are edible]


  1. We love our Asian and Chinese supermarkets. Yes they are cheaper and fun to explore as well. We have never heard of banana blossom. We have lost a lot of trees to but those leaking must make the woods smell wonderful. As always your painting is divine. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I love my windowsill herbs too. I do have a few chives coming up outside, so things are moving at last!

  3. Certainly brightened my day. Wish I could go shopping with you, you know all the best places! Lovely post, Betty. Thanks. xxx

  4. I would love to be there at the Asian market to pick some fresh vegetables and herb. I have to rely on dry herbs from my garden in the winter. Hoew nice that your son is interested in cooking.

    Your painting are always lovely.We are having a third snow storm within a week so signs of Spring a still way off for us.


  5. You sound happy and full of fun! I shall buy some windowsill herbs. I have green parsley popping up. It's so hardy! I love your photos today, Betty!

  6. Yes a beautiful colour post Betty - definately brightens my day :-)
    I love the Asian food market colours - you are very lucky your son likes to cook different foods. The aromatherapy area looks most inviting - its funny how we do things that our senses of smell love. It looks a nice area to just sit & watch the world go by. I love the colours of the sky & your woods - we are desperately wanting rain here - it is all very brown & crisp looking & things are definately flagging. A beautiful post Betty - enjoy your week x0x


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