Monday, 27 January 2014

A snippet of time and a chance to show you how beautiful the woods are this week.

The Woods, January
Catkins and Rosehip
 Catkins are here! their bouncy yellow tails hint at Spring.

Frosty corners here and there, sunny patches where a tiny little beam of warmth has encouraged new growth... it's all here in the woods

Colour is the most precious thing don't you think?  When I was a child I was told that in heaven there are colours that we have never seen here on earth.  I like that thought.

hubby's colour samples from work hang on our walls

Real world is challenging just now but my blog is a pleasant escape, a spot of painting is good meditation. Small flurries of activity where I have felt inspired to capture what I saw in the woods are emerging on scraps of paper here and there.

I am craving colour, hoping for bursts of bright sunlight and breezy mornings for sitting outside early and watching the birds.

My mini daffodil bulbs are providing colour in a cosy corner.

and in another cosy corner there are miniature roses

Amber and I are looking forward to seeing the garden bloom
, it's full of fat little daffodil and tulip bulbs


  1. Oh my how we long for the colours of Spring. We hope for an early one with less of the rain. Your woods look lovely Betty. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Oh what glorious colours in those photos. Like you I love colour and the idea of new colours in heaven is one that really appeals.

  3. Love that thought that there are colours in heaven we have never seen on earth. Wouldn't that be magnificent?

    Your photos are proving winter woods are beautiful.

  4. Lovely to see you here today, Betty. Hope all is well. Catkins are a definite sign of Spring!

  5. I love Catkins, even the name makes me smile, Lovely photos!

  6. Oh I just loved todays post Betty ... just love (& envy) your woods & your photos are just beautiful & you have captured them so magically. Your painting & your mini bulbs in the corners are just lovely & a good reminder that spring is on its way for you my friend. Happy week to you x0x

  7. What a lovely post and Amber is quite beautiful.

  8. G'day Betty. Beautiful photos. Take care. Liz...

  9. My daffodils are just blooming. We have not had a winter in southern California this year and the flowers are confused.

    We had our patio redone this week and we can walk on it tomorrow. I can't wait to work in the garden since it has been over a week since I could do anything.

    Your photos of the woods are lovely.

  10. What a pleasant surprise with the audio & the visual was very stimulating. In Canada, right now the winter is upon us. Visiting your post was a step outside the real world here. The schools have stopped teaching cursive writing & yours is quite lovely to read. I'll stop by again, very unique styling Betty!


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