Monday, 24 February 2014

It takes a long time to become young:  Pablo Picasso

 ....Welcome, and thank you for stopping by on my birthday  - I hope you have a cup of tea and some cake (I have!) and that you are enjoying your day as much as me.....

This is my birthday owl - isn't he pretty? made of paper mache.   
I am having a lovely birthday with friends popping in and out, both real world and blog! 
and have received some very special presents...

 From my blogging buddy Nana a huge package of goodies came in the post - Beatrix Potter book, CK keyring, Scottish scone cookery book, pretty printed silk scarf, enamelled earings (handmade and posted separately), and knitty loveliness in the form of wrist warmers - I love everything and it was so much fun opening it all up this morning- the wrist warmers are soft and cosy and being worn immediately and I feel thoroughly spoilt (thankyou Nana xxx)

I also have some new silk paint supplies from hubby

Silk has doubled in price and so this has become a bit of a luxury as a hobby, 
I haven't painted on silk for ages so am looking forward to using these
but I plan to save them to paint something very special
and to take ages thinking about and planning it... that's half the fun, don't you think!

Yesterday evening we went for a walk in the woods as dusk was falling.....

The sky in the spot above suddenly became packed with starlings - we were witnessing a 'murmering' when birds launch themselves on a flight path that, to our human eyes, appears like an invisible roller coaster ride - they loop and turn, suddenly alighting on the trees and then all take off again in unison. This lasted about five minutes and made the eve of my birthday feel very special and magical.

Other special sights were a very brief glimpse as I disturbed some deer and the first snowdrops growing wild...

 Thanks for visiting - off to enjoy the rest of my first day as a 55 year old!


  1. Happy birthday Betty and you sure got some nice goodies. We loved the owl. We have snowdrops in our garden and we can't wait for more flowers to start budding heralding Spring. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Happy Birthday to you! Lovely to see your presents and to hear that you're being appreciated, loved and spoiled! xxx

  3. Many happy returns, Betty! It looks like you have had such a lovely day.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Betty. I'm so glad that you have received thees thoughtful gifts from friends. It warms the heart...

    Spring is arriving so early at your place. We still have mountains of snow to see for a while.
    Enjoy the rest of your special day.

  5. Happy happy happy happy birthday, dear Betty! The murmuring is VERY cool! I've seen videos of that sort of thing!
    Aw, Nana is a peach! Your hubby, too!

  6. Happy birthday, sounds like a lovely day for you. The owl is beautiful.
    Kind wishes

  7. Hello Betty .,... the very bestest of Birthday Wishes to you. I adore your new Owl & your other lovely gifts. You will be looking forward to trying out your silk painting ... how exciting :-)
    Hope your day has been filled with wonderful things & the coming year brings you much joy my friend . Hugs, Julie x0x

  8. Happy Birthday Betty Hope you enjoyed your day........xx

  9. Well Happy Belated Birthday! Now I'm thinking that everyone should have a birthday owl!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday! Love the owl. The daffodils and crocuses have been out for a couple of weeks here.

  11. Happy belated birthday what a very pretty blog you have, so glad you found me because now I have found you,,!
    bestest wishes and happy weekend!
    Daisy j x

  12. Happy Birthday Betty it sounds like a good one. How lucky you are to have so much nature on your doorstep!

  13. A belated happy birthday for last week.....looks like you had some lovely gifts. x


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