Monday, 18 November 2013

I'm content today, feeling pleasantly calm after a swim and sauna, a tuna salad lunch and a coffee with a friend who had her birthday today.

I feel rested, the roast dinner is cooking itself, time for a film - there are lots of Christmas films on tv just now and hubby tapes them all for me.

The house smells nice, lots of laundry drying on the radiators is creating an air freshener kind of aroma.
The washing did itself really, all I did was put it in and take it out.

The house feels snug, clean sheets on the beds, shirts ironed in the cupboard, the only indication that I have been busy today is the glitter I have walked through the house from making my Christmas fairy swap, Ambercat is concerned by it and has to stop and walk round if she spots a bit.

I feel Winter creeping in, it will catch my late flowering geraniums by surprise no doubt, I have got everyones wellies, gloves and hats out ready for a change in temperature and have bought myself two warm velvet short skirts, one red and one purple with my favourite - leaves - lots of embroidered leaves around the hem, I'm pleased.

My family album of photographs has got nowhere, that must be another work in progress not finished?  The problem is that neither  I nor my two brothers know much about my mothers side of the family except their surname, I have been exploring on the internet, they seem to have an old Cornish surname,  until I know who her people were and a bit about them I can't put my album together - you can't have an album with strange faces in it.,  Evie my mother never went to school so would have had a loney time as an only child,  she was literate, loved poetry.  Granny was superstitious and talked to people who weren't there, fairies were in every flower in her garden so you could never pick one or a fairy would have no home, a strange old lady who painted blackbirds on silk and collected bleached driftwood from the beach ....  So I think 2014 will be a time to explore the past.  We are strangers to ourselves if we don't know our people.

No pictures today - my camera hasn't been out for a while.


  1. Your granny sounds quite the character. Would she have been born prior to 1911? If so, you may be able to find her on the 1911 census if you know her maiden name. Good luck with your research.

  2. Betty sounds like a great weekend. We have the sickies and just waiting for the antibiotics to kick in. Our weekend was miserable as not well enough to enjoy anything. Keep warm the cold spell is coming.
    Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Hi dear Betty! I like the way you describe your home and your house doings. It sounds lovely!
    Yes, it's good to know your people. I think about my granny so much. She wasn't flashy, but she left her diaries. I love them.

  4. Hi Betty, firstly, I really like your to do list..I read it often when I visit here.
    And yes I agree with Pom Pom your description of homeliness is just lovely.
    I am pleased you are doing some family exploration. Look forward to reading some of your discoveries. Fancy never going to school. Sometimes what you find out can be quite surprising! Good luck.
    Much love Catherine x0x0x

  5. I sure hope that you can find more about your ancestry on your mother's side.

    It sounds like you are having a perfect day and all is well and ready for winter to arrive at your house. I'm envious because I'm not ready for Winter. I just can't let go of the Fall yet.
    Take care,


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