Tuesday, 19 November 2013

I have had a very nice time today Christmas shopping, for people I love, small pressies but special ones - hand made - there's so much to choose from on Etsy and Folksy.  I feel pleased too that I am supporting people with small businesses who work from home, buying gifts that have been made with care and talent.The only difficulty I have is not keeping it all for myself!


My garden is full of pansies, they don't mind the cold and are so cheery to see through the kitchen window.

We also have a Christmas tree that lives outside, potted, it is too big to come indoors this year so we have bought outside lights on a timer specially for it and it will light up the garden.

We have a small hamper to stash things for our Christmas and New Year meals.
So far we have a jar of goose fat - that's all!  I like to have pretty paper tablecloth and serviettes, to make a display of holly and ivy with candles.  Don't  you love the preparation and planning?

Here's the silver birch bark dried out ready for the candle decorations.  Not sure how that's going to end up yet but have seem some ideas in this month's magazines.

and the twine bases for the door wreaths drying out nicely - I always make one for my friend.

How are your plans going? do you have decorations to make, present shopping? menu planning?

My kitchen is piled high with dirty dishes as they didn't get done last night, I was on an early shift today - we have been laughing at work a lot today.  Every shift I sit with different people, it never gets boring.  I like having people around me but I'm glad now to be in my messy kitchen being a home maker.



  1. Betty, I haven't started shopping yet, it sounds like you had a good day. Your pansies are so beautiful. I bet your Christmas Tree looks so pretty with all the lights on it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Glad you enjoy your shifts Betty. We too are starting to get things ready as we hate the Xmas rush.
    Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. What lovely pansies, Betty. They are so cheerful at this time of year.

  4. No havent done any christmas plans yet Betty ... it will hit me next month I guess. I love pansies too & I love how they seem to thrive in the cooler months. Yours are very pretty colours. Look forward to seeing your door wreaths when they are done :-)

  5. Please show pictures of your holiday provisions, including your duck fat. We are going to be roasting a goose sometime next month.


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