Friday, 22 November 2013

Hope you are all getting on alright with your fairy swaps - there has been a flurry of activity here as mine was to have leaf skeleton wings as below, but they were too delicate to assemble and broke! not to worry, I have a plan B and am getting on with it now. It's good to admit to the odd failure and half the fun of creating something is resolving little stumbling blocks like this!  Don't worry Hannah, your fairy WILL have wings!

Shopping news:  I buy my clothes for the season in one go and so have bought two new skirts for the Winter from my favourite White Stuff, they are velvet shorties with my favourite pattern - leaves! all around the hem - one in a lovely deep red and one in my favourite colour - purple.

I also have new warm knitted ribbed tights found at the White Stuff Outlet in Portsmouth so I'm sorted for the cold weather that is just about to arrive in the UK if I get my Hunter sparkle wellies out (won on the giveaway at Amelies House blog last Christmas via a super £100 Harrods voucher) and my cosy warm Ebay  wins of two vintage mohair tartan wraps - I  should be snug!

Other news is that in a couple of weeks we will be opening our Sealed Pot of Gold to see how much money we have saved over the year with all the other super savers over at SFT blog for our Christmas weekend away!!!!  Last week hubby put in £15 from a lottery win - woo hoo - and I put in a fiver from savings by finding free parking near work.  We have no idea how much could be in our pot!

Update on our weekend trip to London:

We have booked a hotel room in London paid for already £35 during a promotion
Aromatherapy massage also on a promotion
We will be bringing our own wine and eating in one of the Lebanese restaurants on Edgeware Road
Visiting Borough Market and also Covent Garden and ....
if there's enough in the pot fairytale dream come true, maybe, just maybe, a half hour session in the Ice Bar ... have you heard of it? the inside is of ice sculptures and you are given a warm coat and gloves, a glass made of ice and your chosen chilled drink (champagne of course!).... will there be enough in the pot to extend our treat to the Ice Bar????!!!!  Find out on 1st December.


  1. Sounds like the London trip will be great and you did a fabulous job finding the bargains. I hope you get to go to the Ice Bar. Fingers crossed. We have never been. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. It sounds like many good things are in the offing for your holiday trip. And a new skirt to boot! Happy memories will be made. Do hope you get to the Ice Palace....err Ice Bar.

  3. Ooh Betty,will be interesting to see how much is in the pot, and hope that to make it t the Ice Bar! Brrr ....

    Love the skirt, such a nice red too.

    Thanks for your lovely and kind comments over at mine, they were very appreciated and mean a lot to me

    Love claire xx

  4. So many nice things !! I love the skirt, wonderful colour.
    The trip to London sounds fantastic, have fun !!

  5. My Angel is ready to fly and will be posted on Monday.
    Your trip sounds amazing!


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