Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Horizontal Observations

Hello peeps, I am writing from bed today with a nasty little bug for company - but maybe you shouldn't feel sorry for me as it was quite a pleasant day.  I liked being in my bedroom which we all call 'the chocolate box', dark browns and coffees, it was cosy and I slept a lot - dreaming of armageddon day; I am pleased that I was a survivor  a decision maker, food forager and good at hiding and  I invented a retracting ladder operated inside a lift mechanism to get in and out of my hideaway, and took up smoking - lucky it was only a dream!.  All very interesting and not surprising as I was feverish.  I think I may become nocturnal tonight.

 I was pleased to see Landscape magazine recently printed my readers letter with the above picture - if you haven't read the magazine it's well worth treating yourself - it has beautiful photography.

A lot of today was spent browsing this blog: Mouseshouses which has copyright so you will just have to go and explore on the linky the most fabulous mouse creations by a very talented book writing mouse making lady!

I requested Kirstie Allslops new Christmas craft book online from the library and ate chocolate eclairs - very important in recuperation - we must all feel loved and 'treated'.

I hope you had an eventful day,  I am dozing off now with my mind on my Christmas fairy/angel swap - I am hoping to make one in my sleep and then replicate it when I wake up !  I wish!


  1. Hope you feel better and with sweet dreams. The Mouse blog has some xcellent work there.

  2. Oh, Betty! You are so great! Funny and honest! Your dream was very complicated. That's funny that you took up smoking.
    I will pop over to the mouse blog. That's right up my alley!
    I am SO sorry that you are sick. Bill is home and up on the bed watching something loud. The hardest thing he has to do is to move his legs just right to hoist himself onto the bed. Walking hasn't been tough at all.
    I have to go in to school tonight for parent/teacher conferences. I wish I didn't, but I am staying home for the rest of the week so I'll get to be a good nurse.
    Get well, dearest. I'm planning my fairy.

  3. Sweet dreamin! Get well soon......xXx

  4. Poor you, take lots of rest. Feel better soon.

  5. I love that magazine! Must dash out and find one this week! Get well soon- stay cool!

  6. I just popped in to see what was happening at your blog only to find you are under the weather. Sorry to hear that. But it's nice that you have such interesting dreams to amuse yourself. And the chocolate eclairs!! Feel better soon.

  7. Sprinkling some fairy/angel dust your way. Be well

  8. Hope you are feeling better today Betty. Chocolate eclairs are just what the doctor would prescribe LOL. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. I'm hoping that you are feeling better soon. I did visit the Mousehouses link. Amazing work. Thanks for the link and congratulations on having your painting published in Landscape Magazine.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  10. I hope you are feeling better very soon xx


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