Sunday, 3 November 2013

Fairy/Angel Swap Partners

Here are the partners for the swap:  I hope you will all be happy with the arrangements.  To get us off to a good start I have paired us on first name terms - just click on your partner's name to find her blog.  One of the best things about swaps is getting to know another blogger a little, so browse your partners blogs and get a feel for her style and taste.





Elizabethd from Cornish Cream found this link to get our imagination going - if you Google fairies, Christmas fairies, Christmas angels etc. there are lots more links.

I suggest you check whether your partner is comfortable with a fairy or an angel and whether there is anything they don't like so your gift will make them happy.  Your gift does not have to achieve perfection levels by the way - creativity, loving care, imagination and resourcefulness are all good ingredients, wonky and home made is good, but make sure it's sturdy and not too heavy to sit up top on the tree.  The only rule is that your fairy/angel must have a smile.

I suggest we all aim to post to each other on1st December and that on receipt,  each of us does a post on their blog.  Please email me your links so I can do a post on everyones fairy/angel mid-December.

 Please obtain proof of posting.  If the worst happens and a fairy/angel is lost you will then be able to ask the mail to compensate your costs and you should, of course, offer a suitable  gift to send instead and keep your partner informed.

Wishing everyone lots of fun!



  1. Have a serene Sunday Betty and get in some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Hi Betty thank you for organising my swop with Tracey. I see she lives just down the road from me. So our swops won't have to travel too far. I have contacted her so hope she is ok with me....xx

    1. That's great! hope you both have plenty in common

  3. Thanks betty really looking forward to getting to know my swap partner Linda and we may even get the chance to meet as we are just a few miles apart!

  4. Thank you Betty. I'm not sure how to get in touch with my partner as there seems to be no contact detail for her.

    1. Elizabeth, I have left a comment over at yours. Hope to hear from you.

  5. I'm so excited. I'll be living the fairy dream vicariously! I do hope there will be many, many, many pictures!

  6. Thanks Betty - pleased to be paired with Elizabeth. 'Speak' soon. x

  7. Yay! Nancy's my Colorado neighbor (other side of the state, but close!) so I should be able to manage the timing! Thank you, Betty!

  8. Hi Betty! I've been looking forward to starting on this swap, I've never made a fairy or angel before so it's a whole new experience to enjoy and be a part of :)

    All the best x

  9. Dear Betty - looks to me like the swap partners are in for a real treat. Take care and enjoy the lovely month of November.


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