Sunday, 13 October 2013

Fancy a Swap?

Today the garden is very pretty, it's raining heavily, making an enjoyable noise like dried peas rattling in a can on my conservatory roof and covering the windows in a sheet of sparkling  pearly drops, my pansies are holding their velvety faces upwards and Ambercat is observing from under the garden table, she likes drinking fresh rainwater so is happy.

I wonder if any of you would like to join in a Christmas swap - the last one I organised was for a hand made decoration -  I was thinking of making a Fairy for the Tree swap - do you like this idea? want to join in? are you willing to post overseas or own country?  would you be willing to make something lovely by hand? suggest a maximum cost for your package - keep in mind postage has to be added on top of your budget.  Please comment here and I will set it up if there's some interest.

Update: I did not make this fairy! although I'm willing to try!

"I remember I used to half believe and wholly play with fairies when I was a child. 
What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit-world of childhood, 
tempered and balanced by knowledge and common-sense..." 
Beatrix Potter

Thankyou everyone for comments on my last post, I have replied to a few of the longer ones below as I thought they could do with some response.

This is the climbing rose in my back garden - I don't know what it's called but would like something similar
Catherine - I don't have a rose in mind, only in my imagination - pink, coral, yellow maybe, fluffy and loose blooms, a climber but not too aggressive - any suggestions?  I am going to take my time choosing I think.  I love your comments - they feel like a letter from a friend, thankyou. I was so taken by the book 'How to be an Explorer of the World'  on your own blog that I ordered a pre-loved copy on EBay today - thanks for sharing.

seen on Amazon and Ebay

Shane - thankyou for commenting, I do try and visit anyone who comments at their own blog too and to learn a bit about your lifestyle and interests - I get my best inspiration for painting sometimes after visiting other blogs - please come back soon.

Granny Marigold - thankyou too for commenting - this is the part about blogging I like the most - I am interested in people, where they live, their culture, hobbies, traditions - please comment often!

Julie, suggestions for a suitable climbing rose would be welcome.  I like big blowsy roses that create petal carpets and repeat flower for ever!  By the way your pictures of catmint are so pretty, I have never seen it growing or flowering - we buy it dried for Ambercat - I might try and grow some next year.

unknown variety (in my back garden)

Julia thankyou for visiting - I love your family rug project - would love to make one but wouldn't know where to start!  I wonder if you added it up how many hours you have spent in total, it's a real work of love.

It's a blank canvas kind of day - an afternoon ready for filling - I am going for a swim and then reading my Beatrix Potter book.  University boy came home this weekend with a bin bag crammed full of laundry! I have to say I was quite pleased to be needed and managed to get most of it done.

Wishing visitors a restful Sunday


  1. Betty good luck with the swap...we would not be able to join as we are hopeless on the craft front. It has been grey and rainy all day here so looks like Autumn is here at last. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I'm always up for a swap and your fairy idea sounds great count me in please x

  3. Hi Betty, thanks so much for your response. As my life is so busy and I work at the farm full time I only hook in short burst of time so I have no idea how many hours I've spent on this tedious project.

    About the swap, I wouldn't have time to make a fairy tree topper but it sounds like a wonderful idea. I certainly would be interested in seeing what others have made for the swap.

    Have a beautiful and peaceful week.

  4. Betty, it's a lovely idea, but I just don't have the time at the moment to join.

  5. Hello Lovely :) I'm interested in joining the swap, I think it's a lovely idea to brighten up the darker months!
    All the best x

  6. Hi, Betty. That bird song takes me by surprise and thrills me every time! Now I'm combining it with dried peas on the conservatory! Love your words in this post. I'm wondering could I make a fairy. It's one of those things you'd love to be able to make, right enough. Can I sign up provisionally?

  7. I'm sorry...I'm not a I can't join this swap.....but I HAVE TO TELL YOU.....I LOVE THE BIRD MUSIC YOU ARE PLAYING. Is it available anywhere online per chance?



  8. Hello Betty ... I love your posts & love the way you write. I would love to take part in a christmas angel swap but I think I may be a bit pushed time wise & may not be able to keep my end of the swap. I am pleased your garden is getting rain & freshening everything up. I shall do some research with my "rose man" & try to suggest a suitable rose for your front porch. Happy week to you Betty x0x

  9. Hello Betty...that was so nice of you to reply to us in your post. I adore angels (as you well know) but probably won't manage to make one in time. Wonderful thought though...& the very best swap I could possibly think of! Isn't that adorable...wholly playing with fairies...oh so sweet! I am delighted that you found a copy of the book. I intend to give "mine" to my niece & nephew (family) for Christmas but I'm having a good browse first...shhh don't tell. You know it's actually quite a challenge to find a good climbing rose that repeat flowers. I recall looking for ages when I first planted our garden. The one that has endured the years & is so very pretty & is presently very happy climbing through my cherry tree is Souvenir d'un Ami...actually she flowered all winter too. Not techniquely a climber but will climb if trained, therefore not too rampant. Worth a look & a thought. My other suggestion would be climbing Cecile Brunner the sweetheart sweet & dainty & not very prickly & flowers a lot & is manageable. I'll send you a pic of those two if you like...end of the week. Just going a way for a day or two. See you soon Much love Catherine xoxox

  10. Betty, your fairy is darling. I can' take fairies but I can knit. I would be in on your swap and could post to the moon. Say 10 dollars plus postage? 🌏

  11. Hey Pal, I'll join in your swap. Home postage for me please.Those roses are beautiful.x

  12. Count me in Betty. Love the idea.......xx


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