Friday, 11 October 2013

It's a day for reading, on a random scan of the local library biography section, I didn't dare hope to find the story of Beatrix Potter (I am a bit obsessed with all things Beatrix Potter at the moment)....  but there it was, a book all about her life obviously waiting for me take it home!

Other books in the picture are this lovely Countrywoman's Journal - I love the illustrations... and Creating the French Look - just published with the most fabulous home styling.

The material for the kimono I am  thinkingof  making is out of stock so I can't show you, it's worth waiting for I traced and cut the pattern ready, I found just doing that quite hard so maybe waiting until November for fabric is not such a bad thing!

I can't remember if I showed you Amber's picture, she is growing a thicker coat, lots of white is appearing - she's going to be a snow cat - I think we are in for a cold winter.

My blog has been a little quiet - I hope to be more chatty soon.  It's difficult to be interesting and creative all the time and it's good to have a little temporary pause, to savour the moment, enjoy the beautiful Autumn we are in and to take stock of life and all that makes the world go round.   In particular I have an urgent compulsion to collect conkers, pine cones and interesting stones - I have no idea what for!  to choose and plant a beautiful climbing rose for my front porch - I may not be able to have the country cottage but maybe I can make it feel like one with big fluffy scented roses round the door... I hope to make some time to paint autumn leaves on silk before they all disappear into cobwebby skeletons under foot.

I am going to do a thought for the month on my blog - for October it's this one,
I will try to keep it in mind and use it.

Update on my Sealed Pot Challenge is that I am still putting money in my tin which is now very heavy and I have no idea how much I have saved.  This is for the weekend in London, so far the hotel is booked and paid and an aromatherapy session is booked and not paid - we plan to eat Lebanese food and to treat the boys to a nice takeaway as they are staying at home, when I find free parking I pay the savings into my pot, hubby takes packed lunches and does the same.  It's growing steadily.

Thankyou for stopping by and welcome to recent new followers. Bettyx

all red and green in the garden


  1. Lovely post Betty,Ambers coat is looking gorgeous :) lovely book selection too,enjoy a lovely weekend ,xxx

  2. It is nice to see what you are doing and thinking. Glad your money pot for the London trip is growing steadily.

    Looking forward to seeing your autumn silk leaves.

  3. Amber looks so pretty and content. Glad you found the book, enjoy reading it.

  4. Funnily we were looking at all the conkers in the park today and were thinking of collecting some as you can out them in drawers to keep moths away. We love Autumn and are enjoying the mild weather. Yikes hope we are not in for a cold Winter. Have a fabulous Friday Betty..
    Best wishes Molly

  5. I managed to find a few fallen hazel nuts today, but no conkers around here.
    What a very pretty cat!

  6. Your posts reflect the sort of things i get up to, but i can't seem to put them down on paper.
    Your thought for the month is so beautiful and certainly makes you think.....xx

  7. Your blog post is always interesting.
    Great colors in your gardens and I'm so glad that you will soon be able to go on that vacation with no guilt because you wisely saved your coins for it,
    I like that the jar of savings is getting heavy.

  8. I read your blog quite regularily but I'm afraid I never comment. SO today I will. I do enjoy what you say. It often reflects what I'm thinking ( or doing). Like now, in fall, I have a compulsion to collect coloured leaves and am experimenting with soaking them in Glycerine and water to keep them supple. I hope it works. I like your thought for October too.

  9. Hello Betty
    Oh I love anything Beatrix Potter too! In fact I could have chosen each of those books if I saw them at my library!!! The Countrywoman's journal is always lovely to browse through and 'Creating the French Look' is me to a T!!!

    Your photo of Amber is lovely. I did a post on my neighbour's cats recently - they visit me every day - well not to see me really, more to check out what the birds are doing!
    I have two bird feeders and a bird bath - I keep a watchful eye out as it's Spring in New Zealand so I have a lot of young fledglings about. I've saved one already.... We didn't replace our last cat as I'm encouraging birds into my garden now!

    I've always read your comments on Catherine's blog and now saw you at Cornish Cream so thought I would pop in to say hello!


  10. Hello Betty .. I love your thought for the month - I think that is a beautiful idea. A lady whose blog I used to read alot always had a gratitude list - this is a lovely idea also. I adore your Amber cat photo :-)
    Also I think a climbing rose for your front porch is a lovely idea & will give a lovely cottagey effect. Hugs, Julie x0x

  11. Hello Betty, yes it's actually harder than you might imagine to trace & cut out a pattern..not actually just a quick & simple task. Still, you have done a big chuck of the project now.
    I love your thought for the month too..thank you for sharing it with us.
    I like your frankness are quite right, we can't always be creative & productive. I like that you let things breathe.
    Thank you so much for the elderberry syrup instructions..I look forward to making some in a month or too.
    Do you have a climbing rose in mind for the front porch? I find that it's good to see something growing somewhere else first so that you can see how it might perform. I grew Albertine on a fence once & it was ghastly...SO prickly & far too vigorous for the spot. I eventually paid Matthew & his friend (they were 14 at the time) to cut it down for me & it took them two whole days!
    Much love Catherine x0x0x

  12. I love reading about Beatrix Potter and I've found some fun info on Wikipedia. We love the movie, Miss Potter. Have you watched it? I'm enjoying your blog! Happy Fall!

  13. Miss Potter is a great movie, and I love Beatrix Potter as a lot of us seem to do.
    Your red and green photo montage is lovely.

  14. Dear Betty - I too adore Beatrix Potter...her story and art always interest me. I know what you mean about how much work goes into writing a blog and trying to keep it interesting. You certainly do a wonderful job and I am always so much happier after I have visited you. Take care and have a great day.


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