Monday, 30 September 2013

Having a day off, pottering in the garden and cooking beef in red wine today.  I have a big thing for red at the moment.  I brought home red heather to brighten the borders, then filled my tubs with winter pansies.  Indoors my red rugs, cushions and blankets are out and my lemon trees have come inside to keep warm and cosy.

Ambercat posed today for me, she has new neighbour cats x 3 so there has been a lot of getting to know you.  The view from my kitchen window today - I am very lucky to look out there and see woods, birds (robin and woodpecker this morning).

I love these jars - they make the most mundane things look interesting - lentils, chilli powder - reds again!  I am more likely to use these things if I can actually see them too!

I often request new publications from the library as it saves pennies, but treated myself to this book for keeps, it has a full size pattern inside so was a good investment. I was interested in the kimono robe.  I haven't sewn for ages - something to keep fingers busy in the evenings.

I am waiting for my burda tracing tissue to arrive (so I can re-use the original for it's other patterns without cutting into it), then the fun part is buying the material, right?

What to choose? red floral, a chinese brocade? a plain silky purple? White cotton with rosebuds? the possibilities are endless - what would you like if you were making one?  By the way - there's no guarantee of success here, I have limited ability - but it will be fun trying.

Oldest boy left for University so I have kept busy going for walks.  I took Scrappy the borrowed dog on a route following the River Mole, he was pleased to find there were rabbits to chase everywhere we looked!  This is the stepping stone path to cross the river.  No conkers found yet - am I too late or too early?!   There are plenty of acorns and there were cob nuts, blackberries have finished... so it should be conkers next methinks.

By the way, I always reply to your comments on the comments page but was told on the last post that my witterings aren't seen unless someone goes back to read comments again (thankyou Molly)! - so what I will do is email you if a direct reply is needed or respond on the next post I publish.  I really appreciate people who take the time to leave a comment, even if it's just to say they passed by - and I try to visit you from the links on the comments to see what you're up to on your own blog.

Thanks for stopping by today - Betty


  1. I am sure that your sewing will be successful! You can do it!
    I like the sound of your fall doings. You'll miss your son. You're a good mum.

  2. Such a pretty kimono. You will choose lovely fabrics, am sure of it. Yes, go with a Chinese theme.

  3. Ooh Betty (!) I love red too and can see hints of it entering my house now too ... instant warmth!

    Love your pictures and that kimono looks perfect as it is in the picture ... but I have a thing for roses too!

    Understand about keeping busy when offspring goes to University ... I'm doing that too ... hope it went well and that you're ok?

    Have a marvellous Monday, pottering!

    Love Claire xxx

  4. Lovely day for pottering in the garden. We are making the most of the last of the good weather too. Red is just the perfect colour for Fall. We know your sewing project will be amazing. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. I love looking at material for sewing. There are so many possibilities! The red heather is so pretty and Ambercat's face is so cute!!!

  6. I expect you will love all those autumnal colours too Betty.

    Good for you keeping busy with lovely walks, I expect it was a bittersweet moment to wish your boy good luck.

    Sft x

  7. Hello there Betty ... yes I too just love red, its such a cheery colour & definately brings warmth. I love the picture of Ambercat - how gorgeous is that!! I hope you find some material for your kimono - the chinese silk brocate might be a bit slippery to sew I am wondering?? Yes its bittersweet moments when our loved ones go off into the big world - I can imagine you are wanting to keep busy. Have a lovely week Betty, your pansies are just gorgeous, one of my favourite winter flowers over here. x0x Julie

  8. How lovely that you surround yourself with red warm colors as the cooler temperatures makes us chilly. Your red heater is so beautiful.
    My husband's Kimono is made of silk and he wears it in summer. My daughter bought in Japan. I'm sure that you will make a good choice of fabric for your needs.

    I love your cheery pansies.

    Have a nice week.

  9. Betty - I loved seeing your collage of photos...the jars sitting in the window are so homey. I think a kimono sounds wonderful. I too have not sewn for a long time but at times I am tempted to do a bit - maybe with winter coming I will. I did so enjoy my visit. Have a wonderful fall day.

  10. Your kimono must have flowers on it, I always associate you with flowers. Some lovely photos here as well. Hope you don't miss your eldest too much and that he settles quickly.

  11. Wonderful pictures !!! That kimono looks so pretty. I would try to use some Chinese like fabric, maybe with Chinese roses ?
    Your walk sounds great. I haven't seen a lot of concers yet here in The Netherlands either.
    Have a great weekend.

  12. hi Betty, Your flowers are so pretty,i bought some heathers this week too,to brighten things up. the sewing book looks lovely, I've such a weekness for books,but cant buy many so enjoy the library too. I ve picked up a few treasures from my walks, but only found one conker. hope you have a lovely weekend, love Julie xxx

  13. Have you found conkers yet? We have a huge tree right outside our front door which has been raining conkers for 4/5 days now. Last year there were none! Really bizarre x have a great weekend xXx


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