Monday, 21 October 2013


Not too late to join in - if you haven't already joined leave a comment
on this post to join up

 This is the icon and link for the fairy/angel Christmas tree swap:  feel free to copy the picture and link and post it if you would like to encourage more people to join the swap:
The Rules 
The swap is open to join up until 1st November
You will need to have a blog so your partner can get to know about you
and an email address to communicate with each other
Please state if you will be willing to post overseas
Partners will be posted here on Sunday 3rd November
You should check whether your partner would like a fairy or an angel
Agree your budget - as a guide 8UK pounds is more than enough for gift and postage/packing
I can't be responsible for lost fairies and angels or disputes
But I will always try to help
In the unlikely event that your gift goes up in a puff of smoke, or you do, you should tell your partner asap  and agree a solution/compromise
This is intended to be fun and should be participated in with a good and generous spirit
Visit your partners blog and get a feel for her style
(religious preferences may be relevant too)
Your gift does not have to be traditional or conventional
but it does have to be made with loving care
Have fun being creative
Please let me know if I forgot anything important! 




  1. Have a marvellous Monday Betty and good luck with the fairy swap.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Just the date by which things have to be posted, please Betty.

  3. Hope I don't go up in a puff of smoke before the end of the swap!Looking forward to it. Have a great week, Betty. x

  4. ps Have posted swap pic on my sidebar.

  5. Good luck everyone with the swap .. I'd join in but don't think I can make a fairy!

    Love Claire xxx

  6. I hope the swap is a lot of fun, Betty! I am so behind with packages.
    Are you having a happy week?

  7. I'll join in Betty....just don't expect marvels!


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