Sunday, 27 October 2013

Waiting for the Storm

I am still enjoying the rosehips and apples I found in the woods last week, they make the house look so colourful and cheery...

Tonight the woods look dark and the sky is angry, we are hoping that the trees will protect us from the worst of the storm that is expected to sweep across the South of England tonight - hoping our roof will stay on and waiting for the hurricane to pass.  We moved everything that might get blown around and now we just have to wait.

I experimented with glycerine to preserve leaves, very unsuccessful as the leaves lost their colour - that was the whole point of preserving them for me! have you tried preserving a little bit of nature?  My rosehips are drying well so that is a success, but what of the apples? eventually they will wither and I will have to let them go - what of all the beautiful red leaves I have been collecting? well all is not lost, they are pressed in the pages of some heavy books.
My electric kettle has broken and we have reverted to my lovely heavy hob kettle, it whistles and I love it but the men find it slow and tedious! 
More red - red is big here at the moment.
It's been a good week - we hang on to old neighbours and they become old friends, so I had a curry out with my old friend Larisa (our two families have been close for 10 years and we even had a holiday in Florida together when our kids were small) yesterday we had some other 'old neighbours' round for drinks and chats - they have been brilliant to our boys as they grew up - always remembering their birthdays with little presents and being of an older generation are full of common sense and advice when needed.  We now have new neighbours again - new friends in the making - and are looking forward to getting together with them next weekend!
I have been looking around for inspiration for my fairy/angel swap
paper mache? sewn? felted? wood? I really don't know - until I partner everyone I won't know what to make as it will depend on who I get! what they like and what their style is.
Come and join in if you like making things and are fond of fairies and angels -  it doesn't have to take too much time, an hour or two will do it  - it's such fun to receive something hand made too.


  1. Our hedges are full of rosehips right now, does that mean it is going to be a hard Winter, I wonder?

    1. yes I think so - I noticed the sloe berries disappeared very fast there was an abundance. Acorns are crashing everywhere at the moment - they make so much noise!

  2. Betty stay safe and we hope that storm Jude is not too bad where you are. Started off lovely today but now the winds is picking up. Hope all is OK and you miss the worst of it.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I love your red kettle. It sure brings some color to the kitchen. Everything is too much in a rush now a day. I think that slowing down once in a while, is good.
    I'm having a hot cup of fresh brewed tea and some freshly baked tea biscuits with butter and apricot jam. A little snack before heading to the farm to feed and care for the calves.

    Your song birds are so jovial, I love listening to them. They are having a ball.

    Your painting of apples and rose hips looks great.

    Good luck with the Angel Swap and stay safe from the storm. I hope that the hurricane will pass with as little damage as possible.


  4. Do the men in the house drink a lot of tea, too?
    Your painting is lovely. I love the red.
    I hope the storm isn't bad! Next summer, I am coming to the south of England. Yay!

  5. Your apple & rosehip paintings are just so lovely Betty. As is that red kettle too :-) I hope the storm passed & you were okay.
    I shall check with my friend who used to dry leaves using glycerine with good success I seem to remember. About the only way I know to dry your apples is to use a dehydrator like I use for my citrus fruit for my potpourri. Or you could do it in a slow oven on low temp. You slice them & pop them in a bowl of citric acid in water, then dab on a paper towel, then dry them slowly. They look great used in wreaths like this. The citric acid prevents them going brown.(tho I find they go ever so slightly brown but not too much) Dont peel them as their skins on them look great when dried. Happy nature preserving Betty, x0x0 Julie

  6. Hope you're safe and still have power, though judging from the news this morning, lots of folk without. You can store apples in boxes with sheets of newspaper between the layers. They'll keep for ages that way. Let us know if you're ok.x

  7. I sure hope you are safe from the storm, too. We watched the news tonight and saw all of the high wind damage and all. Take care. And I LOVE the fairies you make. I've never made one but I love them!

  8. Am just watching the news as I'm reading through the blogs I missed yesterday, and seeing the damage caused by the gales ... up north it was just a normal day and where I live it's very windy anyway. Hope that you escaped unscathed Betty! I love your pictures, you've captured the very essence of the rosehips perfectly ...

    Loving the red kettle, I think you should use it all the time, much more pleasing than an electric one ... tell your men that tea made with this will be worth waiting for (my electric kettle does whistle though) ... have a lovely day and hope the storms have passed.

    Love Claire xxx

  9. Pretty red rose hips! Thought they were actual ones laying on white paper, then saw it was your painting. Pretty!

    The red kettle brings warmth .. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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