Friday, 12 July 2013

This and That

My walk in the woods with scrappy the borrowed dog found flowers at last....

I have been in the garden with my watercolour paints ... I love nasturtium flowers, each petal is so fragile and the leaves have so much detail, I have planted them in every border of my garden as they grow fast.  It's always a surprise to see whether they will open to be yellow, white, orange or variegated.  This painting isn't finished - and might never be! I get bored quickly....

Isn't it lovely to have some sunshine in the UK at last?  to have the doors and windows open and the laundry outside and to walk barefoot on the grass?

Amber sits on my bench more than I do but moves when it's hot, so I moved it into the shade for her with something soft to lie on and now we sit together and chat and watch our world go by.

'Time spent with cats is never wasted'
Sigmund Freud


  1. Lovely summer days! Amber is so cute, and I agree with Freud - never wasted! Cats a fantastic pets :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. How nice to see the woodland flowers coming.
    I do agree about cats!

  3. Have a super Saturday and enjoy the sunny days Betty.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Your watercolor is beautiful and looks finished to me. I agree about how nice to have sunshine and the windows opened and clothes drying on the line and walking barefoot in the grass.

    Amber has the right idea. I wish I just could sit there in the shade and rest a while.
    Have great weekend and enjoy your sunshine.

  5. Beautiful pics Betty .. lovely to see the flowers in your part of the world when it is all so bleak here. Your nasturtium pic is lovely as is Amber cat soaking up the sunshine .. enjoy your weekend :-) Julie x0x

  6. Yes, I certianly agree - so lovely to throw open the windows and doors in a morning with washing flapping in the breeze and barefoot on the grass - you capture that perfectly. Love your nasturtium piccy.

  7. Isn't this weather just perfect?! We're heading down to Guildford tomorrow for a while. seems the heat is getting bigger that way! Did you tell me last year that your neck of the woods is thereabouts? Maybe I could buy you a coffee

  8. garden posies for me on the tables at present

  9. You are having hot hot weather in the UK! Your garden flowers are flourishing!

    Like the Freud quote.

  10. your art work and the silk paintings are lovely (:)


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