Friday, 24 May 2013


In the midst of May... a small posy from my garden.  The woods smell of rowan tree blossom...... but we had hail stones yesterday and the little flower seedlings I planted have been smattered to smithereens - nature is not it's happy self in the UK.  Today I have my heating on and it feels like Autumn, I am thinking chilly  and buying up maxi length jumpers on sales!

A trip to my local farm shop mainly to get into a happy, creative mood....

At the time I thought some of the things expensive, but then I went to Waitrose (UK supermarket) and found the prices similar for organic - I WILL support my local farm shop, they had a map at the entrance to the shop showing me where all the product is sourced - it was all 30-50 miles.

 I found a new flavour -  I had never eaten celeriac before until my sister in law cooked me blue cheese, potato and celeriac bake, it was yummy, warming, filling -  so I had a go too and we all ate a hearty meal.

 Glossy coats on playful dogs - these are my brothers dogs Spud and Mabel....Mabel ran out of some woodland earlier this week and was hit by two cars, but she is getting better and is home.

Snowdrops out of season? I copied these from a library book, there hasn't been a lot of time for painting lately.

something bright and white and not my usual style, but when my tutor said try white, I tried white! ....

bees love these bright and beautiful flowers in pinky purples, this is my favourite colour, Betty Bee ....

I said I would post monthly but here I am ahead of schedule - and no cake, I have a secret challenge to myself to make cakes - well I got some books from the library, and ingredients - so there must be a cake here somewhere - back soon!


  1. It is so chilly, I'm sitting here with a throw over my lap like an old lady lol. Poor Mabel, hope she gets well soon.

  2. Very cold wind here, Betty. It isn't a day for gardening.

  3. Hi Betty.....please send us some of your cool in AZ summer is certainly heating up!!


  4. We know the feeling Betty even down South the weather has been awful. Today it is sunny and let's hope it stays like that for the long weekend. Love your snowdrops and we too plan to try and do some baking. We hope Mabel gets better soon. Must have been awful. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. See, you do have something interesting to talk about!!Really miss your posts. I love your new art, especially the blue and white. Poor Mabel, I hope she gets better soon. Both are lovely looking dogs.
    Have you been watching the Chelsea Flower Show? Loads of inspiration there for you.
    Lovely and sunny here this morning but the rest of the week has been very cold and yes, I've had my heating on in the evening too.
    Have a great weekend, Betty. xxx

  6. Wonderful flowers and paintings. Your dogs look so cute !!
    Here in The Netherlands it's very cold too ; )
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Hi Betty, good to catch up with you!
    The rowans smell so evocative of late May, don't they? I think they are doing well this year. I like to hear the rain falling, but yesterday's weather was ridiculously wintry!! The Azores high is coming soon, however, I read on the long range forecast...they'd better be right, or I'll just have to go to the Azores!
    Find joy wherever you can and so will we :)
    xxx A

  8. Cakes, eh? Sounds like a good plan. I keep reading that gingerbread is a favorite in the UK. All treacles sound good.

    Pretty pictures, and your white daisies against a blue background are sweet.

  9. Lovely post so heart warming and inspirational. Love your art work, hope your art class is going well for you.....xx

  10. Hi betty, I'm sorry that a hailstorm has damaged your flower seedlings. It happened to me once in my vegetable garden. Very disheartening.

    The blue cheese, potato and celeriac casserole sounds tasty. I only grew celeriac once , a long time ago. It tasted like celery so I grew celery instead.

    I hope that Mabel will make a complete recovery. They are beautiful dogs.

    I love the snowdrop painting. It has soothing colors.

    My daughter lives in Glasgow Scotland and the weather hasn't been the greatest there either. Here in East Canada, we are getting a lot of rain but better weather is on the way.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  11. A lovely post Betty ... so glad you are making use of your local farm shop - the flowers & veges look great,. I always make use of our local farmers markets in our small town.
    Very sorry to hear about Mabels accident, do hope she is making a good recovery.
    I have not tried celeriac but am keen to do so now - that bake sounds delicious, Your paintings are - as always- just beautiful & so delicate & lovely, Good luck with the cake making, I really enjoy making cakes but then I tend to eat them all too!!!!!! Julie xx

  12. Lovely colours in your post today! Love the daisy painting, so fresh and vibrant ...
    Have yet to try celeriac, may give it a go now!

    Have a happy Monday

    Claire xx

  13. It has been so cold this year hasn't it. No real spring at all. Love the flowers at the top and your snowdrops are lovely.


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