Sunday, 10 February 2013

Partners for the Swap

Here are the partners for the swap: if you click on the name you will find links to the blogs.






I hope you will all be happy with your match - I think I have paired people who will find each other interesting/fun, like similar colours, styles and have taken into consideration UK/overseas postal  preferences.  Shall we all aim for our exchanges to be with our partners by 20th March which is the first day of Spring in the UK?  If you need longer just liaise with your partner.

So what are we going to do? Anything we like that is pretty and sings of Spring - and chatting with your partner is the best way to find out what flowers, leaves, scenery, colours, themes, styles you both like and to try to make with this in mind.  You might want to agree a budget between you for materials/postage. 

Everyone should obtain proof of posting - any mishaps please tell each other IMMEDIATELY and agree a delayed finish date or stop before any costs are incurred.   I once had a swap where my partner didn't deliver and don't want it to happen to any of you.  If anything goes wrong I would try to help but cannot be held responsible!

Have fun.


  1. Betty, please would you email me at I can't get through to your email for some reason.

  2. Happy Chinese New Year Betty. May the snake be kind to you and yours. Have a super Sunday and we hope the swap goes well.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Thanks Molly - the dogs at the kennels sent you lots of waggly tail hello's - we walked for two hours in rain so there was lots of towelling down (dogs not me!) - 6 little chaps got out for a bit of exercise and I had a lovely time splashing around in the mud!

  3. Good luck with the swap.It should be very interesting seeing what it will be.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I appreciate it so much.

    1. Thankyou Julia - I love seeing what everyone makes for each other and all the inspiration that flows!

  4. Found you through Laurie....glad I is pretty here.



    1. Been to visit you and found a lovely calming blog. Betty

  5. oh Thank you very much for my partner, I have a few ideas already. Can't wait to make contact xx

  6. Thank you so much for organising this. I didn't see an e-mail on Nana Gogos blog, but have left her a message to contact me.

  7. Betty - catching up on some of your posts. Looks like this swap will be great fun. Glad you are able to walk the dogs again - what a wonderful gift you give to them. Have a beautiful week.

    1. Thankyoou Debbie - I consider they are giving me the gift as I get walks whenever I want, in the woods, with a dog to keep me safe - they are so grateful.

  8. Hi Betty Thank you for my partner I think you have done a good job at pairing us up. I have contacted Rebecca by comments and am now following her blog so am looking forward to hearing from her soon. I hope the swop goes well......xx

  9. Hello, my Dear! I've come to you from The "Grow Your Blog" was over before I knew about it, but it was so nice of Vicki to leave the list up! Anyway, I always welcome new blogs to enjoy, and yours is delightful! I am now following you ~ please come and visit me if you get a chance!
    So nice to "meet" you!

  10. Betty you are so kind. The Chip In is on the right hand side here. Scroll down a little and you should see it.
    Any problem just let me know.
    best wishes Molly


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