Friday, 8 February 2013

Just Sharing

My back garden dawn chorus this morning .......

This was one of those mornings when you sit and ponder the meaning of the universe!  Followed by watching the sun rise and hearing the birds wake up.  A good start to the day I think.  Being a bit deaf I have the advantage of filtering out the airport noise with my hearing aid (he he) but you may notice it more than me - that's why this video is short - we get flights over every few minutes which I have learned to ignore and so have the birds!

I did my daily round of blog visits and a comment I had left stuck in my mind  - that I think God sees our world like a huge crowd o bees, humming, noisy and active, alive, collectively a huge force of energy.  Just imagine our planet energy travelling across space - I wonder what happens to all that energy, where it goes, whether it is harnessed and used .....powerful thoughts for so early in the morning.


  1. We hope all the energy is collected for good. We like to think that is the case. Pawsome we love a dawn chorus. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Hi Betty! Oh, I do believe that He cherishes our pure hearts, our loving efforts, and our desire to know Him more. I just know when I am far from His heart.

    Your garden is a blissful place! I'm glad you can tune out the planes and listen to the bees and birds! (BIG HUG!)

  3. The energy in your corner of the world sounded very alive in your video. All the birds waking to another wondrous day!

  4. Hi Betty-- I'd love to have your energy this morning-- but I think I'm getting sick:(

    Waking up to lovely bird song is a great start to the day--
    Thanks for your visits and comments-- have a great weekend!

  5. How utterly serene that was! Your back garden is just like my Mum's - she has trees like that too. She loves the birds coming into her garden but the big fat pigeons have been swooping and stealing all the nice stuff that was meant for the smaller birds!
    There's a national number you can call and log any details of unusual birds you may spot in your garden. I'll ask her for it if you like?

  6. Hello Betty - that video clip was absolutely delightful. Thanks so much. I get lots of birds in my garden too and its nice to just stop and listen to them & not hurry past all the time. My house was in total silence when I played that clip and it was just lovely. Thanks for sharing :-) Julie

  7. I love hearing your nature video in you backyard. No positive energy goes to waste. I think that the birds and butterflies and the bees harness it and give it back to us in songs and beauty and honey to gladden our hearts and sweeten our tummy.

    I live a few minutes from the airport too and I don't notice the planes noises either.
    Your garden
    Have a restful Sunday.

  8. I came back to listen to the birds again!


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