Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Tommorow I will celebrate my son Jack's 18th birthday - I am very proud to be his mother, very blessed to have two beautiful sons, they are God's gifts and I am grateful for the abundance of love that we have in this little family of ours.

My humble little apple tree has surprised me with 4 pounds of discovery apples - it usually manages to serve up 3 or 4 apples so this abundance was too good to go to waste.  I added a handful of blackberries from the woods and cooked some cyder vinegar, spices and onion, lots of sugar....following a  Nigella recipe.....

The apples have posed for a portrait....

then simmered with spices....

They now fill my random collection of jars and we have Christmas chutney for the store cupboard.  Are you enjoying a bit of simple abundance, preparing preserves and storing away goodies for winter treats? 


  1. No, I'm not. I'll just buzz over to your house for lovely stores of goodies!
    I am continuing to work my way through bowls of apples. I do love apples, the princess of fall. I guess the pumpkin is the queen, right?
    Happy birthday to your good son, Betty!

    1. The pumpkin is the beauty queen of Autumn I think, but I'm not sure what I would cook with it - anyone got any recipes?

  2. What beautiful apples! Happy Birthday to your son. Have a fun day celebrating!


    1. Thankyou - we are celebrating by having a meal together tonight.

  3. What a great idea to make chutney. I've never made it. Must do a little research and make some now that apples are out.

    Happy Birthday to your good lookin' son!

    AND you made a nice apple, there, too.

    1. I googled the recipe under 'apple chutney and got Nigella's Christmas chutney recipe - just eaten some - it's very good. Easy to make.

  4. Pumpkin Pie?Pumpkin Soup?
    Happy Birthday to Jack - hope you all have a fab evening.
    I never want to see another apple until at least this time next year!!!Your chutney looks scrumdiddlydocious!Well done.x

  5. We have NOT enjoyed an abundance of apples...but your chutney looks really nice.

    Happy Birthday to Jack. You sound so proud of him.

    Sft x


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