Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Just adding an update to say the giveaway I did in July seems to have lost the follow up post - maybe I deleted in my recent clean up of waffling posts!  I did give all three paintings to the following winners:  Amanda Withington (Pandypotterbears) , Floss (Trocbroc) and Top Chelsea Girl (Howsoonisnow) who were the first out of the random number generator - it's ages ago -  sorry I forgot to mention - they have all been safely received.

The woods feel magical as they turn into Autumn colours   My watercolours this week were inspired by conker hunting.

My pockets are full of conkers....

Thank you to all the new visitors from Paint Party Friday for stopping by. It's been very encouraging to have comments.  I am enjoying visiting you all too - link on the sidebar.  Lots of talented artists to visit.

I love seeing the berries from black bryony in ropes like necklaces.on the hedges. (these are very poisonous by the way - even to touch)  I found these on my rescue dog walk this week which was with Teddy, a huge white bull terrier with overshot teeth - very affectionate and desperate for a new home.  He's a perfect wood walker as he likes to stand and ponder  a lot like I do.

Isn't this creeper beautiful - I have it all around my garden fence - it climbs into the trees beyond as well.  I don't know it's name, any ideas?

 I will be making some chutney and some apple crumbles to freeze with the apples from my little tree.  What are you making?

I am cat sitting for my neighbour but it isn't hard work - he's in my house more than theirs and spends all his time with Ambercat.  He's a very gentle soul.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Your conker paintings are great, Betty! They are such treasures to find! Beautiful photos, no idea about the name of the creeper.

  2. such lovely art work of conkers ;0)...i just had my laptop volume up really loud and your bird music from your blog sounded like an orchestra of birds- wonderful!!!! x

  3. Hello Betty...oh I love conkers too!! And you've captured them so beautifully, as always.
    Your climber with such beautiful leaves is a Virginia Creeper. It's quite clever as it self sticks & is wonderful for covering walls & sometimes grows on houses in your neck of the woods! I adore the shape of the leaves & the vibrant colours that they turn in autumn. How delightful...a dog who stops & ponders!! Much love Catherine.

  4. I am liking your watercolors! The conkers inspired you.

    That white pug looks like he could be a real puller; so glad you walked him. Bet you want to take them all home with you.

    We call that beautiful vine Virginia Creeper. Looks the same everywhere!

  5. When we were young we used to collect so many conkers from the trees opposite our house, happy memories.

  6. Hi Betty - gosh I do love the colours in this post & especially the berries & that creeper in your garden. You have captured the autumn colours perfectly. And as for that cat you are looking after . . . my, what a stressfull life he leads !!! Oh to have a cats life eh, kind wishes across the miles, Julie :-)

  7. Hi Betty
    Sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned. Enjoy.

    Enjoyed your watercolours and photos. :).

    Happy weekend, Ev

  8. love your watercolours and your photos. They really capture autumn. And that cat is just too cute!

  9. Not making too much at the moment beyond regular dinners.

    Autumn is showing at school. Leaves from our woods on the playground and conkers in children's pockets.

    I love this time of year.

    Sft x


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