Friday, 21 September 2012

Cosy Thoughts

 So how's it going? have you been bringing out some warm rugs and throws, getting ready for cool evenings and fresh mornings? bringing comfort foods like hot chocolate and golden syrup to the front of the kitchen cupboards where your children will rediscover hot drinks before bed? digging out your winter woollies?  I am ready for Autumn, looking forward to it and welcoming all the signs.....

Today's silk painting was an experiment with various colours sitting side by side. I expect there is a rule somwhere about how many colours you need to make a picture look balanced ... but I don't know the answer so am trying out what works.  Maybe there aren't any rules!

The colours always look a lot brighter before the silk is heat set and washed and I always forget that!  Don't you find the colours in nature influence what you are wearing? I love the elderberries around here, little lime green berries mixed with fat juicy purple, red and black ones, so am wearing purples lately with a lime green scarf!

If I have spare time later in the year this might become a cushion cover.... wish I was one of those people who just whipped things up on the sewing machine.  I could be, if I tried harder, maybe.

My chiminea had a thorough scrub down with wire wool ready for cooler evenings - I have stocked up on smokeless coal, we have been foraging for logs in the woods.  I love this time of year, love sitting outside with a blanket.

We have conkers, elderberries, early sloe berries and falling leaves - all in the presence of bright  Autumn sunshine and the odd lingering wildflower.  It's my day off today - I have been working a lot of overtime so am really enjoying pottering around making the house feel cosy, setting candles on window sills and have even had time for planting Spring bulbs up in tubs.

Here's me painting away, oblivious to the mess around me!

Are you ready for Autumn? Thankyou for visiting today - for reading my ramblings, being a friendly passer by.....


  1. You know how to do Autumn right! I want all those warm cozies you mention. Your silk painting is beautiful. I always think I will stick to just four colors in my paintings but NEVER do! I adore the colors and fresh lightness of your work, thanks so much for sharing.

  2. When I read the title of this post, of course I hurried right over! Yes, cozy things. Our Australian friends are here and they were making some cookies and needed golden syrup. We don't have that. Need some!
    I am home today. We're getting ready for Jenny's baby. She will come this evening or early morning! Hooray!
    You look happy as you paint! (HUG!)

  3. Loving your beautiful screen work, gorgeous make. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. wow, this is beautiful. I love how you draw from nature's beauty around you. This will make a lovely cushion. As for colors and painting.. there are no rules only what feels right. Happy PPF

  5. Purple and green have long been a favourite for Autumn and Winter outfits. Gorgeous painting as usual.

  6. Nice to see your painting process! Gorgeous painting!

  7. this is quite beautiful and sweet.
    and yes the season is changing and lovely in so many ways~

  8. Lovely work!
    I, too, find the colors in nature most inspiring!!

    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  9. First time with PPF-this is gorgeous!! Your piece is so soft and flowing!
    PS no, I'm not ready for autumn-mourning summer's end right now

  10. the fabric is just gorgeous... and while you are getting ready for autumn I just had my daughter hollering for me to bring her a drink out to her as she is in the pool... looking forward to seeing what you make with this...xx

  11. It all looks lovely. Your frame is interesting. Nice construction technique. That is the first time I have seen your face!! Pretty lady!

  12. Really lovely, beautiful and delicate! HPPF!

  13. Beautiful and delicate, I love it. Saludos

  14. Your blog has made me want Autumn to hurry along and get here properly and the seasons to stop tempting us with one last rush of Indian summer. The blankets are out and we have activities and projects to keep us gong through to Christmas. Might get the Fire Pit out one more last time though

  15. This is so soft and dreamy ...beautiful!

  16. Oh, how I wish I could come on an Autumn walk with you. I love noticing the colours and changes of the seasons.
    Autumn and Spring are my favourites.

    Another beautiful painting.

    Sft x


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