Friday, 5 October 2012

This week has been a flurry of work as there has been overtime available.  After the weekend there will be a couple of days off for a much needed rest which is just as well because I have a nasty sore throat bug.  I will make time for some reading, painting and dog walking.

Soon I will take some pictures of my walks near the new rescue dog kennels - a much nicer place for them with access to open air.  It is quite near a famous racecourse so there is lots to see.

Here's a hurried little watercolour of the last few apples from my garden, they will probably end up in a crumble with custard this weekend!  Hope your weekend is full of nice things,

Do you click on the fellow followers on the blogs you follow? there are so many friendly people out there to discover.  Welcome to my new follower Midori - she is a very talented artist, take a look.   


  1. Great apples! I hope you get well soon!

  2. Hi Betty! You've been working hard all week. I hope you DO tuck in to some apple crumble and a pot of tea!
    Take care of that sore throat, okay?

  3. Sorry your throat is sore; take good care! Just made an apple crumble this week and added cranberries...was pretty good but a bit tart. Of course, vanilla ice cream cures all things.

  4. Beautiful apples. Hope you're feeling better today. x


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