Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Painting in the garden

I am working  my way through some lovely books from childhood days.  Polyanna was last, next it's Heidi, then Anne of Green Gables, maybe then The Water Babies but I keep going back to Grimm's Fairy Tales.  You're never too old for these stories.

I have been playing with some new silk painting outliners, inspired by the Autumn colours of the woods and robins visiting the garden.  There isn't much time to fit painting in with work, so I have been getting up very early.

I found using freezer paper to hold the silk for outlining speeds things up, then I can transfer to my painting frame: here's my outline.

I will stick with this method now - glad to have got that sorted.... asleep yet?

Amber hoping a bird will join her on the fence.  The woods are closing in around us as you can see, and so our little house feels very protected and sheltered here.

Lots of spiders in the garden (and big ones in the house!)
We like them and enjoy watching themoutside - especially these pretty speckled ones.

Apples from my Mother's Day tree.

Summer flowers are still rubbing shoulders with Autumn leaves, I love Autumn the best - the colours, the fresher mornings, the light has changed, the air smells nice.

This solitary cosmos turned up unexpectedly from a packet of seeds sent to me by a kind blogger, but I can't remember who as I received several packets of seeds from different people! if it was you - thankyou!

There have been some beautiful woodland walks, berry picking.

and even time to woodstain the little bench my neighbours gave me.

Back soon - Betty x


  1. Such a pretty post. I like how you said that summer flowers are rubbing shoulders with fall leaves, nice thought. The silks are looking beautiful and so glad you have it "sorted" with the freezer paper. Love that term!

  2. Very pretty, both the silk painting and the header.
    I agree, those are the books that one can pick up over and over again.

  3. That silk is gorgeous. I love the colours and shapes you have used.

    Those books, esp the AofGG series are ones I love and revisit often.

  4. I love the robin!
    I'm so glad you are having a pretty fall.


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