Friday, 7 September 2012

I made elderberry royale to stash away for New Year's Eve - it's delicious in champagne or fizzy wine).
I also picked sloe berries which I will freeze (to give the 'first frost' effect- I have a feeling the frosts will be long after the berries have gone this year!) and then I will pack the berries into 1/2 a bottle of gin to make a yummy sloe gin for Christmas.

 Aren't the colours of elderberry beautiful: lime green leaves with red stalks, and purple/black berries.

I had a little sketching time today in the garden and have been drawing the berries I picked.

   I just finished reading Pollyanna - haven't read it since I was very young but have always maintained 'the gladness game' (the idea is to think of a positive for every negative situation - she was very good at it).  I didn't remember reading that her father was a minister or that he had told her the Bible tells us to giving thanks, be joyous or be glad 800 times!

I love my new Kindle, I am reading two books a week now as I find it much quicker and easier, the daily deals are fantastic value and I have found Grimms Fairy Tales, The Water Babies and Aesopps Fables to read at night - so many favourites - most of them free!  If you haven't read fairy tales since childhood you really should - they have so much hidden depth and mystery, moral and adventure.

That's all for now - another walk in the woods planned for the weekend with Scrappy the borrowed dog and hopefully time for a little painting.


  1. love your watercolour paintings of your autumn pickings!

    1. Thankyou Lyn - I am loving the colours that are coming out in the woods now.

  2. Wow!!!How professional does your jar lid look?Did you design and print it off yourself? Clever clogs!Sounds heavenly to drink too. Your berry sketches are sublime - they would look great as a tablecloth and napkin design....or on CARDS!!!
    Have a great weekend, Betty in your Mediterranean temps you're supposed to be

  3. ps forgot to say, love the new header and especially the quote.

    1. Will send you a link Nana for the berry labels - they are great aren't they! The elderberry is also good for sore throats by the way taken neat. We are getting fabulous weather this weekend - it's sizzling here.

  4. gorgeous berries and am loving your drawings, you're very talented


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