Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Last days of Summer

It was the last day of school holidays so we went to the woods....

We picked elderberry, sloes and blackberries - not so many berries around this year ...
We paddled around the river bed - the water level is the lowest I have ever seen at this time of year usually it would be right up to the top here.

The thistles have turned to soft down 

these flowers are packed along the riverbank and taller than me.

We found a woodpecker home, we often hear woodpeckers in the woods but rarely see them - we have the lesser spotted woodpecker living in this area.


This is the best time of year, Late Summer / Early Autumn.

It was a really special day, just the two of us and some crisps and coke... usually these lovely walks are taken with a rescue dog from the kennels nearby ... the kennels are moving - not far, a short drive, where I will find new woods and fields to walk..............

I have had trouble posting with Blogger so if I am absent, that will be why. Back soon.


  1. What a lovely way to spend the final day. Your pictures and words are so evocative of a relaxed stroll in nature - and now, la rentrée!

    The flower is Himalayan Balsam - we looked it up when we found it taking over riversides in Cumbria where we lived. It's a garden escapee so botanists don't like it, but it's really pretty...

  2. Oh you do seem to have some wonderful woodland walks.

  3. What a delightful surprise the birdsong! With the river in the background : ) Thank you! I know it's just going to make more thistles but isn't that down just so soft & silky & amazing..make grand fairy yarn I'm sure. x0x0x

  4. The chirps in the background make me feel I am right there taking a walk with you. Amazing thistle down...please don't sneeze!

    The pillow (herbs) on the right side bar is gorgeous! (they all are!)

  5. I need to do some blackberry picking soon.

  6. The English country is beautiful anytime of the year, isn't it. A perfect way to spend the last hours of freedom before school begins. I enjoyed your walk and your photos.

  7. Lovely pics of both of you and I LOVE the birdsong - it's very relaxing!Lovely post too, Betty. Thanks for sharing.x

  8. What a perfect September outing!


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