Friday, 10 August 2012

Dragonflies and things...

Some dragonflies on silk.  This was inspired by a lovely gift that Nancy sent me in the post ...

It's a garden flag and certainly was the inspiration I needed to get my paints out - take a look at her blog to see her own beautiful dragonflies in oils.

Also I have something else for inspiration - this lovely vintage 'how to draw dogs' book:

it was a gift in the post a few weeks back from Nana which I haven't had time to do anything with yet ... I am on a holiday at home next week so will give it a try.

So thankyou to two kind blogging friends for sending me inspiration, you are both very kind.

Yesterday I went to Brighton for a potter.  The cafe that displays knitting (by men!) has changed their window and now has the Brighton ferris wheel and also these delightful felted sunbathers!

Back after my little holiday at home - Betty


  1. The dragonflies are really pretty. I love the colours you're using. That garden flag is pretty special too.I think I need one! Lucky Duck having next week off - my recent hols seem like a lifetime ago and I've only been back at work this week!!!Have a great weekend, Betty and so nice to have you around again. x

  2. Hello dear Betty...congratulations on your 30th anniversary!! What lovely dragonflies & sweet gifts. Love the man knitting...I shall have to show Rob when he gets home...he sat & blanket stitched a whole top of a blanket the other night just 'cos it needed fixing & then said got anymore that need help? Much love Catherine x0x0x

    1. Lucky you to have a man who stitches! Both my sons can do basic sewing, you never know when it will come in handy.

  3. Your dragonflies are VERY pretty, Betty!
    I hope you have a wonderful staycation next week!

    1. Thankyou, I am hoping to see some real ones.


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