Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Clover Field

Another day off, another experiment.  I wanted to paint on silk without the usual gutta outline showing so used layers.  Here's the inspiration and the first painting with the (white) gutta outline visible.

inspiration from Country Living Magazine

 Theres a four leaf clover in here somewhere, can you see it?

After washing I outlined again and used another layer of colour.  I prefer the original! haha, but might try it again in small areas where I want detail like stems to have colour and detail.

Sadly the clover leaves got a bit overdone.

I also had a little try at drawing a dog from that lovely vintage book I was given ....I tried to give him a friendly face.  Do you like him?  On the subject of dogs, good news: two of the rescue dogs I have been walking have found forever homes.

One of those cloudy old days when you don't know what to do with yourself.  Might hop on a train somewhere.


  1. Pretty paintings again, Betty!
    How fun to get on a train and go, go, go! I'm glad you'll be back for tea! Take photos and have a fine time!

  2. Hello Betty - I'm imagining you on that train...

    Your lovely lily of the valley painting has arrived! Thanks so much for it. My MIL admired it lots, and we talked about the significance of lily of the valley in French culture. I'm so glad I won your giveaway - thanks again.

    1. Glad you won Floss as the flowers are so meaningful for you. Betty

  3. G'day Betty. Gorgeous painting. I love the dog, he looks great. Take care. Liz...

  4. Your two step method of painting, drying, washing and then doing an overlap of paint makes sense. I have never tried that, but will now thanks to your suggestion. :o)

  5. I love your silk paintings. Really love them. Are you familiar with Marlene Glickman? She's a friend of mine who lives in Tampa Bay and uses Color Hue Dyes. She does some painting too and the softness and beauty of your pieces made me think of hers.

  6. the risk of having to type in several more word verifications...I had to come back and say that I LOVE the quotes you have scattered about on your webpage!

  7. Pity you couldn't have hopped on a train to Scotland!!!Love that pooch's face. Well done on tackling the doggy book. x


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