Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Just a quick post to say thankyou for all your comments recently, I really enjoy chatting with other bloggers and visiting you all.  I have been painting foxgloves on silk today for a friend, I hope she likes them.

  We are having a lot of fun at the moment searching for a country cottages to rent for a short Summer break. 

There are so many to choose from - it has to be en route to my brothers, enchanting, with room to paint, wifi for the boys laptops, a sunspot and short walk to the town for hubby, and close enough to walk to the sea for me.  Half the fun I think is the search!


  1. I know a lovely little place near the sea which has wi-fi,a garden for painting which is also a suntrap and all the walking you can handle!The present occupant could move out for the length of your stay so you'd have the place to yourselves.It's a bit of a detour to your brother's but it's FREE!
    Why wouldn't your friend not like the foxgloves?They're absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

    1. Thats a fantastic offer! thankyou - wrong part of the world though! We have seen a few cottages in Devon that are near my brother and are just mulling over which one is best - the one I like is high up on a cliff, the one hubby likes is a short walk to the pub!

  2. Pretty foxgloves. How about doing a YouTube showing you working? That would be just peachy so I could sneak a peak at you painting.

    Sounds like fun to go away for a week!

    (I keep thinking about your painting a fish a night on the wall while your son slept; such a sweet image...)


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