Friday, 9 March 2012

Fairies and Toadstools

I had a lovely library book out recently that was full of fairies, it was intended to keep my niece amused on my recent visit, but ended up amusing me and inspiring me to have a go at painting a few fairyfolk myself.

The woods are awakening, lots of small birds flitting around gathering for their nests and new shoots on the trees.  I may explore over the weekend, will be careful not to disturb the fairies though.

My grandmother said she had seen fairies,  I have yet to see one, how lovely it would be to see one in the woods!  There are many toadstools there so I am hopeful as that's where the fairies like to hang out I have heard.  What flowers might encourage them to my garden I wonder?

Last Summer my nephew carried a spiders web home between two twigs and left it on a bush, it was beautiful and complete and I felt honoured.  I heard fairies make their clothes from spinning spiders silk so perhaps that's where my web went.

Don't forget if you are in the UK we have Upstairs Downstairs to look forward to on TV - can't wait! The costume is excellent.  Back soon for Pause in Lent.


  1. Hi Betty! Your toadstools and fairies are so cute! I love the color of the toadstools!
    The sun shone bright today, so I think the fairies will pop out their sleepy heads tonight. They'll start planning their fairy parties.

  2. I think your new career should be Book Illustrator! Those are beautiful,Betty and far too good to be left unnoticed!Our favourite fairy at the moment is Tinkerbell! I try and avoid Upstairs,Downstairs and Downton Abbey - I think you can guess why!!lol Have a good weekend, Betty.x

  3. Dear Betty!

    OH HOW ENCHANTING!!!!!!!!!! I am a lover of fairys and I tell you, I SEE THEM in my garden! I have wild rabbits that come often to graze and I see them with my artistic eye and I swear they are sporting wings!!! How lovely that you came to visit me and I always welcome new friends and I especially love UK friends. Your point of view is always so CHARMING!

    ENJOY! Anita

  4. OH! And I am loving Downton Abby and I cannot WAIT to get to Upstairs Downstairs! Anita

  5. Thankyou so much for these lovely comments, really kind of you. Really enjoying the fairy painting, its so much fun.

  6. Oh go on, just one little sketch on paper of a leprechaun next Saturday!!


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