Sunday, 11 September 2011

Autumn Woods

Old man's beard wreath, it's entry to our home always signals Autumn is definitely here!  The woods are full of orange and yellow leaves, berries and twine.

Me, youngest boy and scrappy dog, wandered through woodland and fields, pulling at twine and berries as we went, shaping this wreath as we wandered past white ponies, rosehips,  elderberries and holly berries - I think this Winter will be surprisingly harsh judging by the abundance of berries in the woodland larder, I have never seen so many berries and so early.


  1. G'day Betty. That wreath really does look lovely.It sounds as if you, youngest boy and scrappy dog had a great time.Take care. Liz...

  2. It's a lovely wreath, Betty! I made one a few years ago by old man's beard is hard to find around here - too hot and dry, I guess. I spotted a bit earlier in the year and now I just have to remember where it was... I like the idea of making the wreath as you go along. I want to try that!

    Have a great week.

  3. You know Autumn had hit hard here even before the tail end of the hurricane that is blasting all around this morning! I think you'll be very right about the Winter- imagine that I have actually finished your box and might even get to a post office this week- couldn't have it arriving after the Willows!

  4. That`s beautiful, Betty. Will attempt to make one for myself when I can clear a space of all the wool I`ve recently acquired!


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