Monday, 19 September 2011

Berry Cooking and Painting

I have been painting some elderberry, hawthorn and rowan berries today...
These are pictures of the silk whilst still wet

So while it dried I went off to make more rosehip syrup

Here's the recipe for you:

1 kg rosehips
3 litres water
1kg granulated sugar

Boil 2 litres of the water
Chop the hips in the food processor and add to the water
Bring back to boil and leave to stand for 20 mins
Strain the contents through muslin to extract the liquid (messy business)
put the liquid to one side

return the left over pulp to the pan with a further litre of water and repeat the process through the muslin
Take all the liquid through muslin one more time to get it really clear.
Now discard the hips/mess and put all your liquid in the  pan, add the sugar to melt, simmer for about 15 mins

Transfer into sterilised bottles.
Messy? fiddly? yes - to be honest, very!

I added a dash of culinary rosewater essence  at the end this time so it smells yummy too.

and then back to my silk which has now been washed and finished:
(sorry about picture quality, am using mobile phone camera for a while)


  1. Beautiful silk painting.
    I collected some rosehips for my friend who has dried them for use in potpourri for Christmas gifts.
    Carol xx

  2. Betty, your silk painting is so lovely. I would like to try it sometime. How about a tutorial?

  3. Beautiful handiwork Betty, I love you paintings x

  4. Oh, your paintings are gorgeous, as usual! I'm fascinated by all that berry boiling.

  5. G'day Betty. The silk painting is just beautiful. I love the colors, they all blend in so well. If I can ever get the rosehips I will give that syrup a try. It looks delicious. Take care. Liz...

  6. Thankyou everyone for your comments. Next time I get the inks out I will make a tutorial and put it on the sidebar. Bettyx

  7. Your silk painting is BEAUTIFUL, Betty. Such lovely color palette.
    I wrote your recipe down, a going-to-try one.
    Have a happy happy weekend xx

  8. You're so talented!
    I think I'm borrowing the idea for a floral display on your Autumn post below..
    Betty, what do you think about a Xmas thrifty swap?! ;-)


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