Friday, 19 August 2011

Cheerful Things

Feeling a little more like me and decided to post my lovely walk in the woods from this afternoon - what a surprise to find these pictures near a footpath left by a girl called Remy -

A flower to brighten the bridge over a stream

she had put messages saying 'these are for you - to make your walk nicer' - such a lovely and unexpected surprise ... I have no idea who she is or who they were for!  She will go far in life I think.

 A rainbow for the signpost
I am going to make  a picture and put it here for 'Remy' in return

Today, wherever there was a choice, I took the right turn....

Too late for eggs

I found this fur on a little path down to the river - I think badgers may come here to drink - we may have a very early morning vigil some time soon to find out...

These flowers grow in abundance close to the river and the bees have white dusty backs laden with pollen.

(picture taken last night by youngest boy)

A perfect end to the day - all things in moderation so back to my rest, bye for now


  1. G'day Betty. They are lovely photo's. It's seems that you enjoyed your walk. Hope you are feeling better. Take care. Liz...

  2. What a sweet idea to leave pretty things along the way.

  3. How beautiful. there were two chalked graffitis when I was up in Edinburgh:

    "You are wonderful.
    YES, you!!!"

    From someone a bit like your Remy, I guess.

    Thanks for your comment about Anthropologie. It was fun!

    Have a blessed and peaceful week.

  4. Oh, Betty! It's so wonderful to hear your magical voice again. I like thinking about Mr. Badger. Remy IS smart! What a cute idea!

  5. I love this. Not only do you have the most lovely place to walk, sweet Remy made it personal!

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. What a lovely thing for Remy to do.

  7. What a kindness to leave the pictures. Glad you are feeling a little
    Carol xx

  8. How sweet of 'Remy' to leave the pictures to brighten up people's walk, it will be really nice for her to find someone leaving pictures for her in return. If you want to know if the hairs on the fence are badger hairs then take one and roll it between your fingers, if it's rough (i.e. not round and rolling smoothly) it's likely to be badger (providing it's black/grey or white!). :) x

  9. Thankyou all for visiting and commenting. Jenevieve - we did feel the fur we found and it was quite long and very rough - so maybe we have found a badger's drinking spot, very excited.

  10. Hi Betty
    Thanks for that lovely walk, I love finding things left by others.

    I think that flower that grows in abundance is the nightmare balsam plant that is taking over in the wild, on the other hand it does keep bees alive...


  11. you're right Clare, they are Himalayan Balsa - I didn't know, just looked it up - they are everywhere. So pretty and they really attract the bees, I didn't know they were becoming a problem but can see how they could take over big areas.

  12. How lovely to leave the pictures to brighten the place up and make us smile, if only the world were full of people like that. Nothing tastes better than a freshly laid egg, we've been getting them from a friend who has a smallholding and they're delicious, Lucey x

  13. Sorry to hear you have been a bit down Betty. A good walk always makes the difference for me. How lovely to come across the little message. Fate perhaps and those crossroads - taking the right turn - it all sounds very positive indeed.

    Have a great week.



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