Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sunday Thoughts

Well today no walk in the woods due to exceptionally heavy rain all day.  Some of you have very kindly emailed to advise I am a bit silly to go wandering about by myself like this ... so starting soon I have arranged to borrow my friends little dog as a wood companion. 

Today I didn't go to church but opted for prayerful time at home instead.  I also read my current favourite book, Simple Abundance -found this delightful Indian saying:

We are like a house with four rooms:
We live in one room most of the time, go into every room to keep it aired.

Looking back over the week I have aired all those rooms:

Physical - much weeding and watering of allotment, washing rugs and spring cleaning at home
Mental - the ladies I am learning sign language came round for a practice session here this week
Emotional - I have laughed a lot - good for the soul
Spiritual - reading my Bible

I had a go at felting with the pieces Carolyn at Mess Muddle and Fun sent me Not a masterpiece obviously! it ended up a bit of shrunken woolly mess, but an interesting experiment which was fun to try - Carolyn did a far better one  here.

above - as it was before I manhandled it - below a seaside that got caught in a tornado (washing machine)


Some of you have noticed I have a spare blog 'Betty - the wood fairy' I am thinking of moving over to my new blog name soon so could you please follow my new blog name here so that I don't lose you when I switch.  I really appreciate your visits and comments. thankyou.


  1. I really love that thought - it definitely would be good for the soul to keep ourselves aware of the 'rooms' we visit! Thanks Betty x

  2. Hi sweet friend! Yes, I'll move on over. I didn't know about the other blog.
    I'm glad you are borrowing a dog for a wood companion. That sounds fun. Maybe I'll borrow a dog to walk this summer.

  3. Thank you for the compliment and link, it was sweet of you. If you want to try more felting I can give you a few hints or recommend a book.

    Love the idea of the rooms, it is a great way of making sure we look after our complete self.

  4. Betty the wood fairy is so you, I'll be following you over there, Lucey x

  5. Never mind the dog....I`d be much happier if you were taking a big burly minder....and if he`s got a brother, I`ll come too!!Duly following at new place.


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