Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Foxglove Cottage

Cottage in the woods painted on silk this morning.  I was up at 5.30am listening to the birds and it seemed like a good time to be painting, nobody up and the kitchen table free.

I think possibly I got too much going on - the one below is the halfway finished stage and I am thinking that may have been the time to stop! opinions are welcome - criticism is ok.  I don't have a teacher so am always glad of advice.   Your silence can always be blamed on the current blogger comment problem, but I always appreciate comments.

Overview: I haven't drawn buildings before and to be fair it is a bit tricky drawing with a tube - even one with a fine nib so I think it's an ok attempt, you have to control the flow of gutta (glue stuff that makes the outline) but a bad workman always blames his tools they say. However, it doesn't have the depth I was trying to achieve. So this is one for the practice makes perfect folder I think. Also made a terrible mistake and forgot to iron before washing the silk so the colours faded - but never mind, it could be something to applique with perhaps.

Have a lovely day everyone. Bettyx


  1. I think the three bears live there! PRETTY!

  2. Well I think it's gorgeous and I wish I could do that, love the blog header too, peonies are my fav flower and the scent is wonderful, Lucey x

  3. I love the organic feel to the cottage. I've looked at both close ups and swapped between the two and to be honest I'm not sure if I prefer the earlier one or the later one...they both have very different feels to them and both are lovely.

  4. That is beautiful, I am amazed at your work! The foxgloves are perfect x

  5. No, I don't think you have too much going on, it's really interesting and as always your paintings have a lovely style to them.


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