Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Solstice Thoughts

I treated myself to a second hand book, Hans Christian Andersens fairy tales spurred on by this quote:
 'Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again, C.S. Lewis' - I put it on my blog as I like it so much.  My book has been marked with a highlighter - by someone who takes fairytales seriously?  It will be interesting to see what they thought as I rediscover some of my favourite stories.

As a special treat for the family I have ordered a print of a picture of Father Christmas we admired for such a long time from Rima, who paints on wood but also sells prints of her work on Etsy - her beautiful work is deserving of fairytales yet to be written.  You can see her work on her blog here and on etsy by taking the link on the left side of her blog.

Today is the longest day of the year, Summer solstice, a good time to spend time with nature - so before work I thought it was important to spend some time on my allotment - where else! 

I took a packed lunch to work of salad from the things I have been growing.  Shame I couldn't eat it all in situ! but I am working today.

Did you know you can eat beetroot leaves? the young ones are delicious and taste of ... beetroot!

My silk arrived so I may go quiet for the rest of othe week while I get engrossed in painting.


  1. Solstice Blessings to you and Yours also.


  2. it has been a very grey day but as the longest evening begins the sun has come out, have fun painting your silk!

  3. I've seen Rima's work. Her blog is fascinating! I may have to read from The Red Fairy Book tonight! Thank you for reminding me. It's dark now but I was quite delighted with the solstice today. I watched the birds at the feeder, drinking tea and smiling!
    It's always fun to read your posts, Betty!


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