Friday, 24 June 2011


My brother Arthur requested a silk painting and likes the leaf paintings I did last year.  So this picture is for him - amongst others there are oak leaves.

One oak leaf has the old Celtic symbols for the word 'strength' in its veiins,
which is significant for my brother who is going through some changes in his life.

 I hadn't been sleeping well and my new book of Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales has helped to send me off to sleep with my head full of images of dogs with eyes like saucers and little girls with shoes that won't stop dancing.  If you aren't familiar with these fairy tales, the dogs are from The Tinder Box and the shoes are from The Red Shoes.


  1. Beautiful paintings, Betty! You are so talented!
    I love it that you are reading yourself to sleep with fairy tales! Wonderful!

  2. thankyou PomPom, you give such encouragement with the painting. I am tucked up tonight reading the Little Tin Soldier. Bettyx

  3. It's ogham script, isn't it? Oh you would love a trip over here!

  4. G'day. I love your silk paintings. Beautiful work. I tried it some years ago, but, went onto other crafty pursuits and didn't do it again. I look forward to reading through your blogs. Take care. Liz...

  5. Magsmcc - yes, it's Ogham - older than the hills and characters are given the names of trees - so I think I will use it more. Yes, I would definitely love your part of the world!
    Quilterliz - thanks for visiting - hope you try the painting again, will come and visit you.

  6. Lovely touch to include the Ogham script.


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