Friday, 17 June 2011


This is my fairy corner.  Ambercat likes to sleep just under this little maple.

I have made some toadstools from branches and old mugs, maybe fairies will visit soon and sit around the chiminea when all is quiet.  I wondered if fairies and angels could be the same thing, it would make sense.

We have had 24 hours of almost continuous rain it seems and it smells wonderful this morning

My little 'mothers day' tree has a heavy load of apples the size of tomatos


I had a wardrobe rethink this week - my buddhist friend only has one outfit for each day of the week and if she buys anything new, something is given away - I have been trying to think this way for ages, it's hard to let go of material things isn't it?  - but I am doing it - getting dressed is now so simple and clutter free, some things went to charity and I have a big empty space but it feels quite liberating to have actually done it!

This week I finished my Gladys Taber's Still Meadow book - I had it because Pompom read it and it sounded so lovely, all about two ladies living the country life in another era - I am passing this book on soon via the Book Crossing website.  It has scribbles in odd places as this is something I learned from Pompom too - it's ok to draw on books!

I now have a new read - a monthly copy of 'Daily Bread' - a bit of spiritual stuff to keep me on track.  I think I will start sharing a tiny bit of it for a few Sundays as the booklet helps to use and understand the Bible.

I have subscribed to Mollie Makes too - everyone in the UK knows about this magazine!  There have been some craft gifts inside which I am saving for my niece for Christmas to keep her busy - they are so perfect for young girls to have a go at crafting.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. I've decided to take up your idea of keeping them for holiday packing! I am very very sruck by this clothes idea, fairy Betty. And am loving the magical new woorld!

  2. Absolutely love it here - it`s very calming -wish I was under one of those pretty toadstools right now, away from the rain!You sure those are `old` mugs..they look pretty new to me!!Doing the same with my wardrobe - but mostly because none of it fits me anymore since I`ve spent the entire winter consoling myself with chocolate!Two charity bags will follow soon! Have a great weekend, Betty and look forward to the Spiritual Sunday readings. x

  3. I'm so glad you liked Gladys Taber! I find an occasional dip into her country world is restorative! Your fairy corner is very pretty! I must tidy mine today!
    I like the idea of fewer things and small steps to get there make it enjoyable. I like the way the Lark Riser's dress and I wish we could dress the same. Betty, I'm so glad you are my friend.

  4. What lovely photos and work you do, I've not seen many silk paintings. I'm sure you get the same pleasure and sense of achievement I get when I've taken a blank piece of fabric and xstitched a sampler or similar upon it.

    As a child I walked in the woods for hrs never fearing anything. I loved it especially during those magical frosty days of winter when everywhere was transformed into a fairyland. Now although we have a beautiful wood just 5 mins walk away it's not safe to go off for a few hrs even with my dogs.

    Looking forward to popping in again

    Peg x


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