Saturday, 21 May 2011

Still Here

World  without end - Amen!  yes, still here - the world still turns and God watches over us despite rumours that 21/5/11 could be the beginning of the end of the world.

I have woken this morning to gentle rain, so gentle I was able to go out and drink my tea in the garden with old Amber.

I was on my allotment late last night with the robin, I watered everything and enjoyed the smell of the plants - I had the place to myself. As I had the hose out I went round filling the randomly hidden watering cans of my fellow allotmenteers (is that a word?) so they will have a nice surprise. The robin likes me because when I water the spiders and beetles come out on the soil and he gets dinner.


My little 7ft apple tree produced only one apple last year - this year it is making up for that...

Lemons waiting for dragon flies...

my pumpkin has just begun to flower

Today I am looking forward to a walk int he woods in the rain - something I loved to do with my grandmother as a child.  If the sun shines later I am on the allotment and if it doesn't I still have this evening to look forward to - it's our praise service at church welcoming our friends with special needs - I love this gathering and have met some beautiful people, we sing with sign language so a chance for me to learn too. 

Have a blessed day. Bettyx


  1. Your time in the garden sounds delightful and how lovely to have such a companion. I hope you get your walk.

  2. Lovely photographs Betty, and what a lovely random act of kindness you did :) x

  3. Sounds like a relaxing evening. Still no rain here in Norfolk.

  4. your garden looks a real joy- and hope it bless's you with lots of tastey fruit n veg ;0)x
    i too love the woods, spring summer autum winter there's always beauty in nature through the seasons ;0) enjoy xxxx

    we have sunshine, but blustery clouds passing ;0)

  5. I wish I had some woods to walk in!
    Sending love your way, Betty!

  6. Is that a paeony I see? How lovely.

  7. You`ve got a lemon tree???I`m soooo jealous! Lovely pics, Betty and LOVE your new look.That rose is just crying out to be silk-painted!!!!Have a good week. x

  8. Yes nana, I feel a silk painting coming on!


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