Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I have had a lovely time painting out in the garden - I haven't done this before.  The ink dries more quickly and behaves differently in the sun, so this is not a masterpiece, more an experiment - I tried using sugar instead of salt and got a much softer result and also a silver highlighter which I mixed with the ink this time.

it was much more enjoyable being out of doors, I could see the colours more clearly and was able to copy the roses in the garden from where I sat. 

It has been all about roses for me today. I am getting through notebooks fast and had some left over pretty tissue from a recently wrapped swap. I had a go at paper mache and covered my little £1 booklet, I think it's quite pretty.


After lunch in the garden the prospect of cleaning windows doesn't seem half so bad.



  1. Amazing! I find your talents awe inspiring Betty!

  2. Some more lovely paintings and what fun to be able to work outdoors, it has been so windy here this week I don't think anything would have stayed anchored down long enough to do anything!

  3. Lunch in the garden? Sounds fantastic!


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